Beef Jerky: A Whole30 Approved Protein Option

Have you ever found yourself in need of a quick and convenient snack that keeps you full? Look no further than Whole30 Approved® Jerky, Meat Sticks, Meat Bars, and Biltong! These dried meat options are not only high in protein but also comply with the Whole30 program.

Whole30 Approved® Jerky Brands, Meat Sticks, Meat Bars, and Biltong

Here is a list of some top-quality options that you can try:

  • Brooklyn Biltong

    • Flavors: Original, Peri Peri, Steakhouse, Lemon Pepper, Naked Meat Flavor
      Brooklyn Biltong

    • Flavors: Original Beef, Jalapeño Beef, Cranberry Habanero Beef, Sea Salt Beef, Italian Style Beef, Salt & Pepper Venison, Original Turkey, Pepperoni Seasoned Turkey
  • Epic Bars

    • Flavors: Beef Barbacoa-Inspired Bar, Beef Sea Salt + Pepper Bar, Beef Jalapeño Bar, Beef Apple Bacon Bar, Beef Habanero Cherry Walnut Bar, Chicken Sriracha Bar, Chicken BBQ Seasoned Bar, Chicken Egg Yolk and Apple Bar, Chicken Raisin Sesame Bar, Venison Sea Salt Pepper Bar, Turkey Almond Cranberry Bar
      Epic Bars
  • Nick’s Sticks

    • Flavors: Beef Snack Sticks, Spicy Beef Snack Sticks, Beef with Pea Protein Snack Sticks, Turkey Snack Sticks, Spicy Turkey Snack Sticks, Chicken Snack Sticks, Spicy Chicken Snack Sticks
      Nick's Sticks
  • Sophia’s Survival Food

    • Flavors: Original, Mild, Spicy, Chipotle Raisin
      Sophia's Survival Food
  • The New Primal

    • Flavors: Whole30 Approved® New Primal Beef Thins®, BBQ Beef Thins®, Buffalo Chicken Stick, Spicy Beef 100% Grass-Fed Meat Stick, Classic 100% Grass-Fed Beef Meat Stick, Lightly Peppered Free-Range Turkey Meat Stick, Cilantro Lime Free-Range Turkey Meat Stick
      The New Primal
  • Ayoba-Yo

    • Flavors: Traditional Biltong, Spicy Biltong, Rosemary Truffle Biltong, Traditional Droëwors, Spicy Droëwors, Garlic & Herb Droëwors
  • Country Archer

    • Flavors: Original Beef Stick, Original Mini Beef Stick, Jalapeño Beef Stick, Rosemary Turkey Stick
      Country Archer
  • Kooee! Grass-Fed Beef Jerky

    • Flavors: Classic Sea Salt Beef Jerky, Smoked Chipotle Beef Jerky, Habanero Chili Beef Jerky, Native Pepper Beef Jerky
  • Mission Meats

    • Flavors: Grass-Fed Beef Snack Sticks, Grass-Fed Beef Bars, Jalapeno Spicy Grass Fed Beef Snack Sticks, Free Range Turkey Snack Sticks, Habanero Spicy Grass Fed Beef Sticks, Grass-Fed Beef Kids Snack Sticks, Cracked Pepper Pork Sticks, Jalapeno Spicy Free Range Turkey Snack Sticks
      Mission Meats
  • WildZora

    • Flavors: Apple Pork Bar with Kale, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, & Thyme, Italian Beef Bar with Garlic, Oregano & Basil, BBQ Beef Bar with Kale, Tomato, and Red Bell Pepper, Chili Beef Bar with Kale, Apricot, & Cayenne Pepper, Curry Turkey Bars with Spinach, Dates, & Cardamom, Mediterranean Lamb Bars with Spinach, Rosemary, & Turmeric, Taco Pork Bars with Cilantro, Lime, & Jalapeño
  • Stryve Biltong

    • Flavors: Original Biltong, Hickory Biltong, Peppered Biltong, Spicy Peri Peri, Grass-Fed Original Biltong, Grass-Fed Hickory Biltong
      Stryve Biltong
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These brands offer a wide variety of flavors and options to keep your taste buds satisfied while on the Whole30 program. Please note that some specific flavors or products from these brands may not be Whole30 Compliant, so always double-check the ingredients before purchasing.

Remember, when you’re on the lookout for a satisfying and protein-packed snack, Whole30 Approved® Jerky Brands, Meat Sticks, Meat Bars, and Biltong are your go-to options. Enjoy the convenience of these healthy snacks while staying on track with your Whole30 journey!

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