Discover the Enchanting Silkie Showgirl Chicken

Welcome to the captivating world of Silkie Showgirls, the charming bantam chickens with a unique twist! These small fowls are a crossbreed between two popular chicken breeds: the Silkie and the Naked Neck. With their endearing naked neck and gentle nature, Silkie Showgirls make delightful pets, quickly adapting to human attention and handling.

The Distinctive Appearance of Silkie Showgirls

Silkie Showgirls are a unique and interesting variety of chickens known for their extraordinary appearance. The result of crossbreeding the Silkie and Naked Neck breeds, these birds have a mix of characteristics from both parents. They typically have the featherless or partially featherless neck and head of the Naked Neck breed, while their body feathers may be fluffy and silk-like as seen in Silkies.

Silkie Showgirls

A Featherless Motherly Love

You’ll be amazed to find that even the males of Silkie Showgirls possess maternal tendencies. They lovingly call and guide the adorable chicks to tasty treats, creating an endearing atmosphere in our cozy flock. Our Silkie Showgirls are thoughtfully vaccinated for Marek’s Disease and raised on a Non-GMO diet, ensuring their health and well-being.

More Than Just Ornamental Treasures

Silkie Showgirls are more than just ornamental treasures; they’re an experience of joy and companionship for families. While they may not lay eggs as prolifically as commercial breeds, they compensate with their dependability during the laying cycle. Despite their lower rank in the pecking order, their endearing nature makes up for it. Silkie Showgirls are known for being “broody,” excelling at egg sitting and hatching. So, if you need an expert egg-hatcher, Silkie Showgirls are the ideal choice.

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Weather Warriors

Come rain or shine, Silkie Showgirls embrace all weather conditions. They dance playfully in the rain with their fluffy feathers protecting them, and during chilly winters, we pamper them with ample space and warmth. In the heat, they do well, but we also offer several options to help them stay cool.

Silkie Showgirls in the Rain

Marvels of Nature

Silkie Showgirls boast an alluring crest, a walnut comb, and striking features: five toes and exquisitely feathered legs. With multiple color patterns, including silkied, frizzled, and smooth feathering, they are true marvels of nature. While we cannot guarantee specific color variations, be assured that they are all uniquely beautiful.

Ordering and Colors

If you’re interested in ordering Silkie Showgirl hatching eggs, please note that there is a 50/50 chance of hatching all showgirls. We suggest ordering more than you need or receiving chicks to guarantee the desired outcome. Here on our farm, we have a wide range of colors, including white, gray, black, splash, blue, partridge, lavender, creole, cuckoo, paint, chocolate, mauve, cukoo-mauve, black and white laced, and many other variations and feather types.

Sexing and Care

Determining the sex of Silkies can be a challenge, and we do not offer sexing services to avoid any potential heartbreak. However, if you end up with a male, there are plenty of eager chicken enthusiasts willing to welcome these lovely additions to their flocks. Silkie Showgirls require a little more TLC and tend to grow at their own pace. We recommend giving them Oil of Oregano to help with gut development and health. We refrain from shipping newborn Silkie Showgirls, as we believe they need ample time to develop before embarking on their new adventure.

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A Glimpse into History

The exact date and place of origin of Silkies are not known. However, they have been mentioned in Marco Polo’s accounts of his journeys to China in the 13th century, indicating that Silkies have been around for quite some time. Over the years, the Silkie breed has evolved, with changes in size, crest, leg feathering, and colors. Today, Silkie Showgirls are a testament to the rich history and beauty of Silkies.

Feed Recommendations

For optimal growth and health, we recommend starting baby chicks with Sugar Feather Farm chick starter for the first three weeks. Afterward, switch to our Chicken Grower feed until they mature and start laying. Once they reach maturity, transition them to Sugar Feather Farm Adult Feed. To aid with digestion and overall health, we highly recommend using Oil of Oregano as a daily supplement in their water.

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Remember, welcoming Silkie Showgirls into your life means inviting joy and enchantment into your flock.