The Mighty Way Huge Pork Loin: A Bona-fide Overdrive Pedal

By James Abel

The world of guitar effects pedals is a treasure trove of innovation and creativity. Among the wide array of options available, the Way Huge Pork Loin stands out as a unique and intriguing addition. Crafted by George Tripps, the genius behind Way Huge Electronics, this pedal is a breath of fresh air amidst a sea of re-issues. Combining a classic British pre-amp with a modern soft clipping overdrive, the Pork Loin delivers a sonic experience that is sure to captivate musicians seeking a new sound.

The Enigmatic Design

At first glance, the Pork Loin’s striking appearance demands attention. Its brushed purple steel body and vivid blue font create an irresistible allure. Built to last, this pedal seems as sturdy as if it could withstand bomb blasts. Practicality is not sacrificed for durability, however, as a small door located at the base of the pedal ensures easy access to the power source. Additionally, the presence of a 9VDC input on the top of the pedal allows for hassle-free integration into any pedalboard setup.

Underneath its captivating exterior, the Pork Loin boasts a BiFET gain stage and a clean pre-amp, providing a solid foundation for its outstanding performance. The meticulous construction and pristine factory boards ensure a reliable and first-rate experience. Although the pedal’s three large knobs—Volume, Tone, and Overdrive—may seem standard, George Tripps has gone the extra mile by incorporating two small trim pots on the front of the pedal, along with three internal trim pots.

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Unveiling the Secrets Within

The two external trim pots, Clean and Curve, offer control over the clean pre-amp blend and the corner frequencies of the pedal, respectively. Meanwhile, the three internal trim pots—Filter, Presence, and Drive Mix—contribute to the Pork Loin’s versatility. The Filter acts as a tone control for the clean pre-amp, allowing for precise adjustments. The Presence control, exclusively for the overdrive signal, fine-tunes the top-end frequencies, evoking a distinctive Marshall JMP vibe. However, the true gem lies in the Drive Mix trim pot. When combined with an increased clean pre-amp blend, it transforms the pedal into a dynamic clean boost, imbuing the valves with a touch of color.

The Sound of Euphony

Plugging into the Pork Loin is a revelation. The pedal’s warm and creamy tones, reminiscent of the ’60s, envelop the listener in a blissful embrace. With exceptional note definition and natural compression, this overdrive offers an articulate and dynamic playing experience. Manipulating the tone knob uncovers a wide range of frequencies, while preserving the pedal’s signature creamy texture. The tight and punchy low-end, accompanied by a soft and punchy top-end, rounds out the sonic palette. It’s worth noting that the pedal’s gain may not satisfy those seeking excessive amounts of grit, but it shines in the realm of blues-inspired tones—think Bonamassa or Eric Johnson.

The Versatility Within

While the Pork Loin may initially seem like a one-trick pony, the internal trim pots unlock a world of versatility. Nestled within the pedal’s core, these pots wield the power to transform the pedal’s character. The presence control, reminiscent of a roaring Marshall JMP, breathes life into the top-end frequencies. The filter, acting as a wide-ranging tone control for the clean pre-amp, allows for further tonal exploration. However, the true revelation lies in the Drive Mix. When the drive mix is turned down, in tandem with an increased clean pre-amp blend, the pedal becomes a dynamic clean boost, pushing valves to their limits while adding a touch of coloration.

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A Treasure for Blues Enthusiasts

In conclusion, the Way Huge Pork Loin is a remarkable overdrive pedal that shines brightest in the hands of blues aficionados and tone seekers. While it may not cater to metalheads or hard rock enthusiasts, those yearning for the iconic tones of British blues or aspiring to achieve the mesmerizing sound of Bonamassa or Johnson will find solace in this pedal. Priced at $169, the Pork Loin may not be a steal, but its reliability and versatility make it a valuable workhorse for any gigging blues player. Don’t miss the opportunity to add this gem to your pedalboard.

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