Unleashing the Fiery Delights of the Volcano Double Beef Burrito

Are you ready to embark on a culinary adventure that will ignite your taste buds? Welcome to the world of the Taco Bell Volcano menu, a reinvention of a cult classic that has been tantalizing food enthusiasts since its debut in 1995. This fiery menu item has made comebacks in 2008, 2016, and is back once again in 2023, following a pattern of resurrection every seven to eight years.

Today, we delve into two staples of the Volcano Menu: the Volcano Taco and the Volcano Double Beef Burrito. These offerings promise an exhilarating kick, thanks to their special ingredient – the “lava sauce.” The original 1990s Volcano menu also featured Volcano Nachos, which unfortunately aren’t part of this year’s promotion. However, you can still add the volcano “lava” sauce to any item on the menu.

Let’s dive into our review. My son Brandon and I ordered the combo, which includes a taco, a burrito, and a medium drink, at a reasonable price of $8.49. We also couldn’t resist adding an extra order of the lava sauce for just a dollar.

The Volcano Double Beef Burrito: A Fiery Feast

Prepare yourself for a substantial offering that combines ground beef, lava sauce, rice, cheese, fiesta strips, and sour cream. As I unwrapped the burrito, I was pleasantly surprised by its heftiness and the generous amount of ingredients packed within. Gone were my fears of a small, overpriced menu item. However, in the initial few bites, the famed lava sauce’s flavor didn’t dominate as expected. It was only after delving deeper into the burrito that the heat started to emerge, albeit milder than anticipated.

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Interestingly, Brandon noticed similarities between the Volcano Double Beef Burrito and Taco Bell’s Beefy Melt Burrito from their Cravings Menu. The only discernible difference being the presence of the lava sauce. While the sauce does add a unique element, the variation in flavor wasn’t as pronounced as we had anticipated. Brandon enjoyed the added crunch provided by the fiesta strips, although I found them slightly soggy, not matching up to his report of their crispiness.

The Volcano Taco: A Flavorful Eruption

At first glance, the Volcano Taco appears to be a regular crunchy taco housed within a vibrant red shell. The ingredients are what you would typically find in a Taco Bell taco, with the addition of the lava sauce. Initially, the taco seemed to offer less heat compared to the burrito. But rejoice, for things quickly turned explosive when Brandon and I decided to generously slather our tacos with additional lava sauce. The result? A burst of flavors and heat that truly embodied the spirit of a “volcano” dish. It became clear that the lava sauce is indeed the heart of this meal – its creaminess and heat make all the difference.

Speaking of the lava sauce, it deserves recognition on its own. The sauce exudes a perfect blend of creaminess and heat that doesn’t overpower your taste buds. It resembles a spicy queso dip that would beautifully complement any snack, such as pretzels or chips. However, within the burrito and taco, it seemed to play a more subtle supporting role rather than taking the lead it truly deserves. Hence, we recommend requesting extra lava sauce when ordering to smother your food with its flavorful goodness.

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A Verdict of Flaming Flavor

Between the Volcano Taco and the Volcano Double Beef Burrito, the taco emerged as our favorite. While the burrito was undeniably delicious, the abundance of ingredients somewhat overshadowed the lava sauce. In contrast, the taco allowed the sauce to truly shine and take center stage.

The Volcano Menu demonstrates Taco Bell’s ingenuity by adding a spicy twist to two of their standard items and showcasing them under a new banner. The strategy may be simple, but the result is an enjoyable meal that is definitely worth a try – particularly for those who relish a fiery kick in their food. Remember, when ordering, don’t hesitate to go all-in with that extra lava sauce. It’s the game-changer that elevates the entire experience.

Despite a few minor shortcomings, the Volcano Menu at Taco Bell managed to exceed our expectations. Would I order it again? Absolutely. But next time, I’ll make sure to ask for my meal to be generously smothered in that mouthwatering, heat-packed lava sauce. Until then, let’s eagerly await the next culinary adventure Taco Bell has in store for us.

If you’ve had the pleasure of trying either or both items from the Taco Bell Volcano Menu, I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. Here’s to many more flavorful explosions and indulging in delicious “liquid hot magma”!

Taco Bell's Volcano Taco