17 Fresh BBQ Salads and Sides: Perfect for Summer Gatherings

barbecue salads and sides

Do we refer to it as barbecue or grilling out? No matter the name, one thing is certain—these recipes are a must-have for your outdoor summer get-togethers. Here, you’ll discover a delectable collection of healthy barbecue salads and side dishes that will perfectly complement any grilled main course. Get ready for simple, fresh recipes that are both meatless and packed with flavor. Plus, many of them are gluten-free and vegan too, so everyone can enjoy them.

1) Caprese Pasta Salad

Caprese pasta recipe

Gluten-free if you use gluten-free pasta and vegetarian. This pasta salad is a breeze to make and perfect for busy nights. Shannon raves, “What a great pasta! So easy and quick to make. Great for a family dinner on a busy night.”

2) Favorite Quinoa Salad

Best quinoa salad recipe

Gluten-free and vegan. Tim shares his delight, “This is a very good salad – great taste, nice textures, healthy. I added crumbled feta, which worked. It still tastes great the next day as well. Last summer it was farro salad. This summer, quinoa salad!”

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3) Green Goddess Hummus

Green goddess hummus recipe

Gluten-free and vegan. Maria can’t get enough of it, saying, “I’ve made this twice in a matter of days. So addictively delicious and far better than my favorite recipe I’ve used for several years.”

4) Cowboy Caviar

Homemade cowboy caviar

Gluten-free and vegan. Becky’s guests loved it, exclaiming, “I just made this for a friend’s housewarming party last night and it was a HUGE hit! Will definitely be making again!”

5) Fresh Mango Salsa

Super fresh and colorful mango salsa

Gluten-free and vegan. Stephanie shares her experience, “I made this mango salsa for a Royals tailgate a couple of weeks ago and it was gobbled up in minutes! Thanks for another amazing recipe!”

6) Greek Broccoli Salad

Simple and delicious Greek broccoli salad

Gluten-free and vegetarian. Emma confesses, “Can’t say I’ve ever had cravings for broccoli before, but this salad did it! Loved it!”

7) Mediterranean Couscous Salad with Raw Squash and Feta

Mediterranean couscous salad

Vegetarian and easily vegan. Heather praises it, “Made this last night and loved it for a refreshing dinner on a hot summer day. I look forward to making this one a regular in our house!”

8) Lebanese Lemon-Parsley Bean Salad

Lebanese Lemon-Parsley Bean Salad

Gluten-free and vegan. Claire enthusiastically shares, “I made this bean salad last night for my fiance and me, and it is SO GOOD. Thank you so much for this recipe!”

9) Peanut-Sesame Slaw with Soba Noodles

Peanut soba noodles slaw recipe

Gluten-free if you use gluten-free pasta and easily vegan. Mindy exclaims, “This recipe was a HUGE hit! Even my roommate who isn’t crazy about peanut sauces said it was amazing.”

10) Herbed Potato Salad (no mayo!)

Herbed potato salad recipe

Gluten-free and vegan. Heidi’s Father’s Day BBQ guests loved it, even the “die-hard mayo potato salad” fans.

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11) Erin’s Peach & Avocado Green Salad

Peach avocado green salad

Gluten-free. Lauren declares, “This salad was amazing! Will be making 10 more times before the end of peach season lol.”

12) Simple Caprese Skewers with Balsamic Dipping Sauce

Simple Caprese Skewers with Balsamic Dipping Sauce

Gluten-free. RD shares, “I made these for a garden party and they were a huge hit! The peaches added a wonderful touch and really elevated the flavor.”

13) Best Tabbouleh

Best tabbouleh recipe

Vegan. Dave joyfully exclaims, “This was THE BEST TABBOULEH salad I’ve ever had! I will be making this again and again.”

14) Summertime Fruit Salad

Take advantage of ripe summer fruit to make this simple summer fruit salad

Gluten-free and vegan. Jennifer was pleasantly surprised, “This was soooooo good! I was pleasantly surprised with the balsamic vinegar and mint flavors.”

15) Layered Panzanella

Layered panzanella salad recipe

Vegetarian. Megan shares, “So fresh and delicious! It is a keeper!”

16) Spicy Red Pepper & Feta Dip

Spicy red pepper feta dip recipe

Gluten-free. Beth raves, “Thank you for this super easy and delicious recipe. The guests all raved about it!”

17) Fresh Black Bean Salad

Enjoy this Southwestern black bean salad recipe all week long

Gluten-free and vegan. Arianna and her boyfriend couldn’t get enough, saying, “It’s super flavorful, comes together quickly, and is so versatile.”

These recipes are just the beginning of your barbecue salad and side dish journey. If you’re interested in more recipe ideas, be sure to check out the additional resources listed below. Whether you’re planning a family gathering or a casual summer dinner, these healthy barbecue salads and sides will add a fresh twist to your meals. Don’t forget to follow us on Pinterest for more recipe inspiration!

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