Transform Your Leftover Corned Beef into a Flavorful Sweet Potato Hash

To be honest, one of the best things about making corned beef is the abundance of leftovers. And what better way to repurpose those leftovers than by whipping up a mouthwatering corned beef hash?

If you’re not familiar with hash, it’s a classic diner dish consisting of fried onions and potatoes. While the possibilities for additions are endless, shredded corned beef is a timeless favorite. Of course, you don’t have to roast an entire corned beef just for this dish. You can easily purchase a small amount of cooked corned beef as well.

But trust me, this hash is not just a breakfast food. It’s a fantastic meal any time of day. It’s a great way to use up your leftovers, and with its simple ingredients, it’s become my go-to dinner option.

Here’s what you’ll need for this delicious sweet potato hash:

  • Sweet potatoes: These are a delightful twist on the traditional hash recipe. Roasted for perfect tenderness and flavor, the sweetness of the potatoes beautifully complements the corned beef.
  • Onion: A crucial component of any hash, the onion needs to achieve a rich, dark brown color to impart that classic fried diner flavor.
  • Grainy mustard: This tangy condiment is the perfect match for corned beef. Its sharp flavor cuts through the potatoes and beef, adding an extra layer of umami that elevates the entire dish.
  • Worcestershire sauce: Ah, the secret ingredient that brings that “it” factor to any dish. Just a dash of this complex sauce creates the illusion of a perfectly spiced creation.
  • Corned beef: The star of the show, the reason why this recipe exists. If you’ve made corned beef previously, you can easily shred the leftovers and transform them into this delicious hash. But fear not, you can also buy smaller amounts of corned beef at the grocery store specifically for this purpose.
  • Eggs: The ultimate finishing touch to complete your hash. Cook them any way you like, but a jammy egg, with its soft-boiled, slightly runny yolk, is my personal favorite.
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Now that you have the ingredients, it’s time to get cooking. And the best part? This meal comes together quickly. While your sweet potatoes are roasting in the oven, you can brown the onions on the stove. Once the potatoes are perfectly roasted, simply add them to the onions along with the corned beef. Top it off with an egg and a sprinkle of fresh dill, and voila! You have a truly satisfying meal.

If you’ve never had the pleasure of tasting hash, now is the time to give it a try. With just a handful of ingredients, the flavor profile is elevated to new heights thanks to the addition of mustard and Worcestershire sauce.

So, grab those leftovers, fire up the stove, and prepare for a tantalizing culinary experience. Turn your corned beef into a delectable sweet potato hash that will have your taste buds begging for more.

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