Upgrade Your Weeknight Dinner with Delicious Steak Burritos

Are you tired of the same old weeknight dinners? It’s time to add some excitement to your culinary routine with a mouthwatering recipe for Steak Burritos! These delectable burritos are not only quick and easy to make, but they also deliver an explosion of flavors. With tender, juicy steak as the star ingredient, every bite is a burst of satisfaction. The best part? You can customize them to suit your taste preferences!

Steak Burrito

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How to Make Steak Burritos

It all starts with choosing the right cut of steak. You can use ribeye, New York strip, or sirloin steak for this recipe. The key is to select steaks that are about ¾ inch thick. The thickness of the steak will determine its cooking time on the stovetop.

To enhance the flavor of the steak, we’ll prepare a simple homemade taco seasoning. You’ll need salt, pepper, cumin, garlic powder, and paprika. Mix all the seasonings together in a small bowl and set it aside.

Before seasoning the steaks, make sure to remove any excess moisture from the exterior using paper towels. This step helps the oil and seasoning to stick to the steak. Once dry, drizzle the steaks with canola or avocado oil.

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Drizzling Avocado Oil

Next, generously sprinkle the homemade taco seasoning all over the steaks and rub it onto both sides. Heat a large skillet, preferably cast-iron, over medium-high heat. Pour 2 tablespoons of oil into the pan and let it come to temperature as well.

Place the seasoned steaks in the hot pan and let them sear for five minutes without moving them. After five minutes, flip the steaks and cook them for an additional five minutes. Once cooked, remove the steaks from the pan and let them rest for about 10 minutes.

Cooked Steak

After the resting time, cut the steak into half-inch bite-sized cubes. Squeeze the juice of a lime over the steak bites, toss them, and set them aside. Now it’s time to prepare the rest of your burrito fillings!

Steak Burrito Toppings Options

The beauty of this Steak Burrito recipe lies in its customizability. Here are a few mouthwatering ideas for the perfect steak burrito:

  • Avocado: Upgrade your burrito with some mashed avocado or turn it into guacamole with a pinch of kosher salt and lime juice.

  • Pico de Gallo: Add a burst of fresh and vibrant flavors with a mix of tomatoes, onions, peppers, cilantro, and lime juice. You can make your own pico de gallo or purchase it ready-made from the produce section of your grocery store. Alternatively, you can use salsa as a delicious alternative.

  • Beans: Whether you prefer refried or whole beans, pinto or black beans, they all work beautifully with steak burritos. Consider using Bushes chili pinto beans for an extra boost of flavor with minimal effort.
    Beans and Guacamole

  • Cheese: Opt for the classic Tex-Mex mix of Monterey Jack and cheddar cheese. Grate the cheese yourself for better texture and flavor.

  • Rice: You can choose between cilantro rice tossed with lime juice and chopped cilantro, or Mexican-style rice. Make it from scratch or purchase a package of Mexican or Spanish rice from the grocery store and cook it according to the package directions.

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Assembling and Folding Your Burritos

Once your steak is ready and you have all your toppings prepared, it’s time to assemble your burritos. Ensure you have burrito-sized flour tortillas to hold all the delicious fillings. It’s best to warm the tortillas before adding the fillings to make them more pliable and less likely to crack.

Start by smearing any toppings that need it, such as guacamole or sour cream. Then pile on the steak, beans, rice, grated cheese, pico de Gallo, and more!

Burrito Assembly

To keep the fillings securely wrapped, fold over two opposite ends of the tortilla and hold them in place while you bring one open end of the burrito over the fillings. Continue rolling and tucking until all the fillings are enclosed.

Rolling the Burrito

Now you’re ready to indulge in your homemade Steak Burrito masterpiece!

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