Smoked Pork Shank: A Delicious Twist on Pulled Pork

When it comes to cooking flavorful and tender pulled pork, you might be familiar with using pork shoulder or pork butt. However, have you ever considered trying a different cut of meat that can deliver equally mouthwatering results? Enter the pork shank.

The Art of Slow Smoking

Cooking a secondary cut of meat like the pork shank allows you to embrace the “low and slow” method. By taking your time, you can break down the tough connective tissues and collagen in the meat, resulting in a succulent and flavorful dish. This technique is perfect for achieving the perfect pulled pork consistency.

Versatility at Its Finest

What sets the smoked pork shank apart is its versatility. The end result is tender, juicy pulled pork with a slightly fattier texture than its counterparts. This marbling translates to a richness that can stand on its own, making it a delicious choice for any barbecue.

Perfect Portions

If you’re cooking for a smaller crowd or just want a more manageable amount of pulled pork, the pork shank is the ideal choice. Compared to a whole pork butt or pork shoulder, it yields a more reasonable portion size without sacrificing flavor. Don’t be fooled, though – it can still feed a hungry crowd.

Preparation and Smoking

To get started with your smoked pork shank adventure, here’s what you’ll need:

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“School” Supplies:

  • Knife and Cutting Board
  • Gloves
  • Paper Towel
  • Spray Bottle
  • Meat Thermometer
  • Baking Sheet
  • Tongs

“Class” Notes:

Before we delve into the recipe, let’s make sure you have a good understanding of the process. Below, you’ll find answers to common questions that may arise during your cooking journey.

Ready to start? Keep reading to find out how to create a masterpiece with your pork shank.

Exploring the Pork Shank Cut

The pork shank, also known as pork hocks or ham hocks, is a cut of meat that comes from the lower leg portion of the pig. It’s a flavorful, tough cut that’s commonly used in slow-cooking recipes such as stews, soups, and braises. While it may not be readily available at your local grocery store, your friendly neighborhood butcher is likely to have it in stock.

The pork shank cut usually includes the bone, meat, and skin. Thanks to its high fat content and the pig’s well-exercised leg muscles, the meat is dark and rich in flavor. This makes it an excellent candidate for slow smoking, as it allows the connective tissue to break down while infusing the meat with a smoky essence.

Ingredients You’ll Need:

  • 4 Pork Shanks
  • Yellow Mustard or Olive Oil
  • BBQ Dry Rub
  • Beef Broth or Apple Cider Vinegar
  • BBQ Sauce

The Smoking Process

Now that you have your pork shanks ready, let’s dive into the smoking instructions:

  1. Preheat your smoker to 250°F, setting it up for indirect heat. Opt for lighter woods like apple, cherry, or pecan for the best flavor combination.
  2. Place your pork shanks directly onto the grill grate and let them smoke over low heat for approximately an hour. After this initial hour, lightly spray the shanks with diluted apple cider vinegar or beef broth. This will help build a flavorful bark and enhance the smoky goodness. Repeat this spraying process every hour.
  3. Continue smoking the pork shanks until they reach an internal temperature of 165°F, which should take around 3-4 hours. Once they reach this temperature, remove them from the grill, lightly spray the outside, and wrap them tightly in foil. At this point, you can choose to increase the grill temperature to 275-300°F to expedite the cooking process.
  4. Allow the pork shanks to smoke until they are very tender, reaching an internal temperature of 195-203°F. This tenderization stage is crucial for achieving the perfect texture.
  5. Once your pork shanks are tender, remove them from the smoker and wrap them in a towel. Place them in a small cooler to rest and undergo carryover cooking for at least an hour.
  6. Carefully unwrap the foil, and you’re ready to serve the pork shanks. You can enjoy them as is or pull the meat from the bone and serve it with your favorite BBQ sides.
  7. For an added touch of flavor, top the pulled pork shank with your preferred BBQ sauce and savor the deliciousness.
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Frequently Asked Questions

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So, the next time you’re craving pulled pork, consider stepping outside the box and trying a smoked pork shank. With its rich flavor and tender texture, it’s bound to become a staple in your barbecue repertoire. Bon appétit!

Smoked Pork Shank