The Perfect Passover Brisket Recipe: A Timeless Tradition

This mouthwatering baked brisket recipe with onions and tomatoes has been the centerpiece of our Passover table for generations. Discover the secret behind what makes this the best brisket you will ever taste.

When it comes to Passover, there’s one dish that takes the spotlight on the table – the brisket. This flavorful, slow-cooked beef, stuffed with garlic cloves, and topped with caramelized onions, is a true masterpiece. Whether you’re celebrating Passover or any other Jewish holiday, this recipe will surely become a beloved tradition in your family.

Passover Brisket

The Journey of a Beloved Recipe

Passover is a time to cherish family traditions and make memories. For many, the highlight of the meal is the juicy, tender brisket, which has been passed down through generations. Each bite is a reminder of the love and care put into preparing this classic dish.

Cooking the Perfect Passover Brisket

A Recipe Meant to Be Shared

Creating this Passover brisket is a labor of love. Slow-cooked in the oven, the beef absorbs the flavors of the onions and tomatoes, resulting in a tender and tangy delight. The inclusion of garlic cloves inside the meat adds an extra burst of flavor to every bite.

The Influence of a Master Chef

Inspired by the expertise of renowned chef Emeril Lagasse, this recipe incorporates the secrets of the culinary world. The combination of ingredients and cooking techniques ensures that the brisket remains moist, tangy, and just the right amount of sweet with a hint of heat.

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Tender Brisket Cooking


Here are answers to some common questions about cooking this delectable Passover brisket.

What is the best pan to cook this brisket?

Many wonder what type of pan to use when cooking a large piece of brisket. The great news is that this recipe is versatile and can be prepared using any oven-proof baking dish or pan that can accommodate a 5-pound brisket. From oval Dutch ovens to metal roasting pans or baking dishes, the choice is yours. Just keep in mind that glass pans should be handled with care due to temperature differences.

What if my brisket is larger than 5 pounds?

If you’re feeding a crowd and have a larger brisket, fret not! As long as the meat fits into one pan, there’s no need to double the recipe. The cooking time and seasoning quantities remain the same. However, if you’re preparing two separate 5-pound briskets, doubling the recipe is recommended for balanced flavors.

How do I know if the brisket is cooked to perfection?

The ideal Passover brisket should be sliceable yet tender enough that a knife isn’t necessary on the table. The marbling within the meat should easily yield to the side of a fork. If you find the slices to be slightly tough, fear not! Simply place the brisket back in the oven for further cooking. This forgiving meat will not disappoint.


The mouthwatering aroma and unforgettable taste of this Passover brisket will transport you back to cherished family memories. With each bite, you’ll savor the time-honored tradition and the love infused into every step of the cooking process. Enjoy this delicious recipe and create new memories that will last a lifetime.

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