What to Serve with Chimichurri Steak? 7 Delectable Side Dishes

If you’ve ever indulged in South American cuisine, you know just how delightful it can be. From the tangy Ceviche of Peru to the savory Empanadas of Argentina, every dish leaves you wanting more. One South American classic that stands out is Chimichurri steak, a staple food in Uruguay and Argentina. Made with top tenderloin or sirloin beef and a flavorful Chimichurri sauce, this dish is a treat for the taste buds. But what if you want to take it up a notch? What should you serve alongside Chimichurri steak? Well, we’ve got you covered. Here are seven side dishes that will elevate your Chimichurri steak to a whole new level.

Why Consider Serving Side Dishes with Chimichurri Steak?

Chimichurri sauce is the star of Chimichurri steak, providing a refreshing taste with savory and tangy flavors from garlic and vinegar. While the herbaceous notes are dominant, you can still enjoy the proteins with each bite. So why should you consider serving side dishes? While Chimichurri steak is tasty on its own, adding side dishes takes it to another level. Side dishes not only help create a balanced meal but also allow you to explore different flavors. Plus, they offer valuable nutrients and make your dining experience even more satisfying.

7 Irresistible Side Dishes for Chimichurri Steak

  1. Coleslaw: A classic salad made with shredded cabbage, carrots, and mayonnaise, Coleslaw is a perfect match for Chimichurri steak. Its raw, crunchy texture and creamy dressing complement the tangy and savory flavors of the sauce. You can even add raisins or apples for extra flavor.

  2. Fried Potatoes: Whether it’s hash browns or crispy French fries, fried potatoes are a fantastic sidekick for any protein dish, including Chimichurri steak. The golden brown appearance adds to the aesthetics, and the crispy texture enhances the flavors of the steak and sauce.
    Fried Potatoes

  3. Fruit Salad: Adding a fruity layer to your meal, fruit salad is a refreshing and versatile option. The combination of fresh, crunchy fruits with the savory taste of Chimichurri sauce creates a delightful contrast. Apples, in particular, can add an umami flavor to the experience.
    Fruit Salad

  4. Fried Noodles or Rice: Fried noodles or rice are a great choice for adding some crunchiness and depth of flavor to your Chimichurri steak. Whether you opt for vegetable-infused fried rice or chow mein noodles, these dishes complement the steak perfectly. A dash of soy sauce adds a delightful spark to the overall flavor.
    Fried Noodles or Rice

  5. Mashed Potatoes: For a simple yet delightful side dish, you can’t go wrong with mashed potatoes. Their creamy texture pairs beautifully with the tangy and savory flavors of Chimichurri sauce. Be sure not to overcook the potatoes and add a dollop of butter for that extra touch of indulgence.
    Mashed Potatoes

  6. Grilled Potatoes: Grilled potatoes offer a different twist on the potato side dish. Their crunchy texture and low-fat properties make them an excellent companion for Chimichurri steak. Grilling them with a touch of butter enhances their flavors and adds a mouthwatering brownish color to the dish.
    Grilled Potatoes

  7. Herbed Flatbread: If you’re looking for a quick and easy side dish, herbed flatbread is the way to go. With just 20 minutes of preparation time, you can create a flavorful accompaniment for your Chimichurri steak. Add some whipped feta cheese and herbs to the dough, bake it, and enjoy the delicious combination.
    Herbed Flatbread

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In Conclusion

Chimichurri steak is undoubtedly a mouthwatering delight that every South American food lover should try. While it stands well on its own, pairing it with side dishes takes the experience to new heights. From refreshing coleslaw to crispy fried potatoes and fruity fruit salad, the possibilities are endless. So, embrace the flavors and create a fusion of taste with Chimichurri steak and delectable side dishes. And remember, the best way to enjoy Chimichurri steak is with good company and a hearty appetite. So, delve into these culinary delights and satisfy your taste buds with a South American feast!

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