25 Perfect Pairings to Serve With Chicken Pot Pie

Chicken Pot Pie is a beloved classic recipe that features tender chicken, carrots, peas, potatoes, and a creamy sauce with a flaky pastry crust. But what should you serve alongside this comfort food favorite? We’ve compiled a list of 25 perfect pairings that will elevate your chicken pot pie dinner and bring your family together.

1. Crispy Baked Onion Rings

Onion ring lovers, unite! These healthier Crispy Baked Onion Rings retain that satisfying crunch without the guilt. All you need are onions, light string cheese, eggs, flour, and bread crumbs to create this irresistible side dish.

Crispy Baked Onion Rings

2. Baked Parmesan Potatoes

Elevate your potato game with Baked Parmesan Potatoes. These scrumptious, cheesy, and crispy bites are a perfect match for chicken pot pie. Plus, they’re WW-friendly with only 5 points per serving.

Baked Parmesan Potatoes

3. Pickle Juice Ranch Cucumber Salad

Looking for something interesting and different? Try this quick and easy Pickle Juice Ranch Cucumber Salad. With fresh cucumbers, Greek yogurt, mayonnaise, pickle juice, and Dijon mustard, this tangy salad is sure to have you jumping for joy.

Pickle Juice Ranch Cucumber Salad

4. Broccoli Salad

Amp up your chicken pot pie dinner with the versatile and flavorful Broccoli Salad. Packed with bacon, cranberries, sunflower seeds, cheddar cheese, and a homemade dressing, this fast and easy side dish is ready in under 15 minutes.

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Broccoli Salad

5. Guacamole With Rotel

Classic guacamole and chips are always a hit, but why not try something new? Add some guacamole to the top of your pot pies for a delicious twist. Made with avocados, lime juice, onions, and a secret ingredient – Rotel – this appetizer is perfect for any occasion.

Guacamole With Rotel

6. Fall Fruit Salad

When in doubt, a good old-fashioned fruit salad goes well with anything. This Fall Fruit Salad is filled with fresh apples, blackberries, grapes, and pecans, all drizzled with a homemade cinnamon orange dressing. It’s a refreshing and flavorful addition to your meal.

Fall Fruit Salad

7. Sunflower Crunch Kale and Cabbage Salad

For a veggie protein-packed option, try the Sunflower Crunch Kale and Cabbage Salad. Made with green and red cabbage, fresh kale, and carrots, this salad is best when chilled for a minimum of 4 hours. But overnight is even better!

Sunflower Crunch Kale and Cabbage Salad

8. Sautéed Bok Choy

Add some fresh vegetables to your chicken pot pie dinner with Sautéed Bok Choy. This simple and flavorful recipe is quick, easy, versatile, and delicious. If you’ve never had Bok Choy, you’re missing out on a unique and tasty vegetable.

Sautéed Bok Choy

9. Sautéed Mushrooms With Garlic Butter

What could be better to serve with Chicken Pot Pie than sautéed mushrooms cooked in garlic butter? These earthy and savory mushrooms are a perfect side dish. With just a few simple ingredients, you can whip them up in no time.

Sautéed Mushrooms With Garlic Butter

10. Air Fryer Cauliflower

Crispy vegetables are always a good choice, and these Air Fryer Cauliflower bites deliver that irresistible roasted flavor in no time. With a tender bite and browned, crispy edges, this side dish is ready to serve in less than 15 minutes.

Air Fryer Cauliflower

11. Cauliflower Pops

For a tasty and plant-based option, try these Vegan Cauliflower Pops. Inspired by classic tater tots, these cauliflower bites are a guilt-free snack. With just four simple ingredients, they’re perfect alongside your pot pie.

Cauliflower Pops

12. Sheet Pan Breadsticks

Looking for something cheesy? These garlic Sheet Pan Breadsticks are a breeze to make and the ultimate mealtime snack. With less than 10 ingredients, these warm and garlicky carbs elevate any dish.

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Sheet Pan Breadsticks

13. Sweet Egyptian Bread Rolls

Transport your taste buds to the Middle East with these Egyptian sweet bread rolls. Soft, sweet, and fluffy, they’re the perfect side for pot pie. The dough is super simple to work with, making this cultural recipe a must-try.

Sweet Egyptian Bread Rolls

14. Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Carrots

Experience the perfect harmony of flavors with these oven-roasted sweet potatoes and carrots. With maple syrup, warm cinnamon, rosemary, and thyme, this vegan and gluten-free side dish complements chicken pot pie beautifully.

Roasted Sweet Potatoes & Carrots

15. Honey Roasted Beets & Carrots

Enhance the natural sweetness of Honey Roasted Beets & Carrots alongside your chicken pot pie. This easy and healthy side dish lets the vibrant vegetable flavors shine. With just a few simple ingredients and some fresh herbs, you’ll have a colorful and delicious addition to your meal.

Honey Roasted Beets & Carrots

16. Baked Beet Chips

For a super healthy option, try Baked Beet Chips. These crispy, vibrant, and healthy snacks are made by slicing beets and baking them to a crispy perfection. They’re a great alternative to traditional potato chips.

Baked Beet Chips

17. Mixed Olive Tapenade

Transport yourself to Provence, France with mouthwatering Mixed Olive Tapenade. Made with olives, capers, and anchovies, this savory spread is perfect on bread or crackers. You can even spread some on top of your chicken pot pie crust for a new twist.

Mixed Olive Tapenade

18. Deep Fried Olives

If you haven’t tried Deep Fried Olives, you’re missing out. Coated in an egg wash and Italian breadcrumbs, these crispy bites are perfect for olive lovers. They’re a scrumptious side dish that pairs well with chicken pot pie.

Deep Fried Olives

19. Baked Eggplant Fries With Greek Tzatziki Sauce

Serve Baked Eggplant Fries With Greek Tzatziki Sauce on your chicken pot pie dinner night. These crispy fries with a tender center are a flavor and texture dream. The zesty Greek Tzatziki sauce complements the pot pie crust perfectly.

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Baked Eggplant Fries With Greek Tzatziki Sauce

20. Jalapeno Poppers With Bacon

Spice up your appetizer game with Jalapeno Poppers. These halved jalapenos filled with a creamy, bacon-infused stuffing are finger-food perfection. They’re the ultimate crowd-pleaser and a perfect match for chicken pot pie.

Jalapeno Poppers With Bacon

21. Slow Cooker Baby Carrots with Honey and Brown Sugar

Take your side dish game up a notch with Slow Cooker Baby Carrots with Honey and Brown Sugar. These mouthwatering glazed carrots are effortlessly created in the slow cooker. They’re a sweet addition that will impress your guests.

Slow Cooker Baby Carrots with Honey and Brown Sugar

22. Honey Butter Skillet Corn

Sizzle up a taste of heaven with Honey Butter Skillet Corn. In just 15 minutes, you’ll transform frozen corn into a creamy, sweet, and mouthwatering side dish. It’s the perfect way to amp up your chicken pot pie dinner.

Honey Butter Skillet Corn

23. Calabacitas

Looking for something new? Try this mouthwatering Calabacitas recipe. Made with sautéed zucchini, squash, roasted peppers, onions, and delicious seasonings, it’s a burst of flavor on your plate. Add some cheese for an extra layer of creaminess.


24. Upside Down Onion Tart With Brie

This Upside Down Onion Tart is a flavor-packed creation with caramelized onions, creamy brie, and thyme seasoning, all wrapped in a golden, flaky puff pastry. It’s a feast for the senses and a perfect side for chicken pot pie.

Upside Down Onion Tart With Brie

25. Crispy Fried Pickles

Crispy Deep-Fried Pickles are a snack lover’s dream. These perfectly seasoned bites are fried to golden perfection, making them the ultimate appetizer. They also taste fabulous next to a chicken pot pie.

Crispy Fried Pickles

These 25 perfect pairings offer a variety of flavors and textures to complement your chicken pot pie. Whether you’re in the mood for something crispy, tangy, or savory, there’s a side dish here for everyone. So gather your ingredients and get ready to elevate your next chicken pot pie dinner with these delicious accompaniments. Enjoy your meal, and don’t forget to visit Rowdy Hog Smokin BBQ for more cooking inspiration!