Creamy and Spicy Roasted Corn Soup: A Summertime Delight

During the warm summer months, there’s nothing better than indulging in a bowl of creamy, slightly spicy Roasted Corn Soup. This delightful first course can be easily made vegetarian or vegan with just a few simple ingredient swaps. Let’s dive into the mouthwatering details!

How to Create this Creamy Spicy Roasted Corn Soup

For those who appreciate a well-rounded meal, starting off with a soup course is always a delightful choice. Whether it’s a Chilled Cucumber Soup, a Smoky Tomato Eggplant Soup, or a classic French Onion soup, the possibilities are endless. And now, with this Creamy Spicy Roasted Corn Soup recipe, you can elevate your summer dining experiences.

When hosting a dinner party, it’s essential to have a stress-free kitchen. By preparing dishes in advance, you can ensure a clean kitchen and a relaxed state of mind when your guests arrive. The beauty of this recipe lies in its versatility and make-ahead potential—the perfect solution for a effortless evening of enjoyment.

Ingredients and Substitutions

To create the perfect balance of flavors, this soup incorporates three types of corn: roasted fresh corn, canned corn, and corn broth. The roasted corn adds a delightful nuttiness to the dish, while the canned corn provides a distinct flavor that cannot be replicated. The homemade corn broth enhances the corniness of the soup, infusing it with additional richness.

In addition to the corn, you’ll need a fresh California Chile, also known as an Anaheim Chili, to add a subtle background flavor without overpowering heat. Adjust the spiciness to your liking by choosing between a Jalapeno or Serrano pepper. For a milder soup, remove the seeds and membranes from the pepper. Take caution when handling spicy peppers and remember to wash your hands thoroughly.

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A russet potato is the ideal choice for thickening the soup due to its starchiness. Homemade chicken stock is preferred, but a high-quality boxed version will work just as well. Other essential ingredients include garlic, cumin powder, heavy cream (optional), butter, and extra virgin olive oil.

Step by Step Instructions

  1. Begin by removing the corn kernels from the cob. Use a mandoline or a sharp knife to achieve this. Toss the corn with a small amount of olive oil, then spread it on a baking sheet and toast it in the oven at 400ºF (204.4ºC) until golden brown.

  2. While the corn is roasting, simmer the corn cobs in lightly salted water for 20 minutes to prepare the corn broth. Allow the cobs to seep for an additional 20 minutes to fully infuse the broth with flavor.

  3. In a separate pan, sauté the onions, garlic, and chilies in a mixture of olive oil and butter until they become soft. Add the diced potatoes, canned corn, and roasted corn to the pan.

  4. Pour in the chicken broth and corn broth, then bring the mixture to a boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for 20 to 25 minutes, or until the potatoes and vegetables are tender.

  5. Transfer the solids from the pot to a blender, adding a bit of broth to maintain a smooth consistency. Blend until the mixture is velvety and well-combined.

  6. Pour the blended mixture through a fine mesh strainer back into the pot, using a wooden spoon to extract all the creamy goodness while leaving any grit behind.

  7. Return the soup to a simmer, adding optional cream (if desired) and cumin. Adjust the seasoning to taste, and serve with diced tomato, avocado, green onion, and reserved roasted corn as garnish.

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If you find yourself with leftovers, fear not! This creamy corn soup can be stored in the refrigerator for a few days if properly covered. Alternatively, you can freeze it for later enjoyment—a perfect solution for those busy nights when you need a quick and satisfying meal.

Indulge in the lusciousness of this Creamy Spicy Roasted Corn Soup, and let your taste buds dance with joy. With its vibrant flavors and delightful textures, this soup is an absolute must-try. So, gather your friends and embark on a culinary adventure that will leave you craving more.

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