Oven Roasted Rack of Pork: A Crowd-Pleasing Delight

When it comes to preparing a delightful holiday feast or a special Sunday dinner, my Oven Roasted Rack of Pork will surely be a hit with your guests. It’s an incredibly easy recipe that takes less than 10 minutes to prep and can roast to perfection in your oven. Believe it or not, preheating your oven will actually take longer than preparing this mouthwatering pork rib roast.

Cooking pork has become a breeze, as the days of overcooking to ensure safety are behind us. Now, you can serve pork a little less cooked, with a hint of pink, juicy, and absolutely delicious. However, if you prefer a well-done roast, my recipe will still deliver the same mouthwatering flavor.

Ingredients for Roasted Rack of Pork

Apart from the pork rib roast, the ingredient list is delightfully short. Here are the key ingredients for the roasted rack of pork, including the vegetables that go on the bottom of the pan and my personal favorite meat seasoning, Montreal Beef Seasoning. To enhance the flavor of this roast, I prefer using stone ground mustard, but you can also use Dijon mustard or olive oil.

How to Season a Pork Rib Roast

To make this rack of pork truly exceptional, start by rubbing the meat down with extra virgin olive oil and crushed garlic. Then, generously sprinkle sea salt and cracked black pepper (or use Montreal Beef Seasoning). Once the roast is coated, spread Dijon or stone ground mustard on the top and sprinkle it with Montreal Beef Seasoning.

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For optimal results, place rough-cut onions, celery, and carrots at the bottom of your roasting pan. They will not only add flavor to the pan drippings but also elevate the roast, allowing air to circulate freely.

How to Cook a Pork Rib Roast

Achieving a perfectly roasted rack of pork is simple. Follow these straightforward rules when roasting meats:

  • Let the roast come to room temperature for approximately 30 minutes before cooking.
  • Start by roasting at a high temperature of 450 degrees Fahrenheit for 15 minutes (or 30 minutes for roasts larger than 10 pounds).
  • Reduce the oven temperature to 325 degrees Fahrenheit and continue cooking for approximately 15 minutes per pound until your desired doneness is reached.
  • Always cook the meat uncovered in your roasting pan.
  • Place the roast fat side up.
  • To ensure the roast is cooked to your preference, use a meat thermometer. Keep in mind that the temperature will increase by about 10 degrees after removing it from the oven.
  • For medium-rare, aim for an internal temperature of 145 degrees Fahrenheit. For a well-done roast, reach 160 degrees Fahrenheit.

Should You Cover the Roast When Cooking?

No, covering the roast is unnecessary. The flavorful coating of seasonings will help keep the roast moist throughout the cooking process. However, if you prefer to cover the roast, you can do so for the first 45 minutes, then uncover it for the rest of the cooking time.

What to Serve with a Pork Rib Roast

To complement the flavors of this delectable dish, I suggest serving it with garlic mashed potatoes. To balance the garlic’s intensity, roasting it before adding it to the mashed potatoes is the perfect choice. The creamy, butter-like garlic pieces will blend seamlessly, adding a delightful flavor. And, of course, don’t forget the gravy—because everything tastes better with gravy!

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Complete your meal with your favorite vegetable sides and a side of applesauce for those who enjoy it with their pork.

Roasted Rack of Pork