The Juiciest Ribeye Pork Chop Recipe You’ll Ever Try

Are you ready to experience the absolute best pork chops of your life? Get ready to indulge in the incredible flavors of our Steakhouse Pork Chops! This recipe is guaranteed to leave you speechless, as you savor every tender and juicy bite.

A Cut Above the Rest

We’ve taken the traditional pork chop and transformed it into a culinary masterpiece. Our secret lies in the combination of savory steak seasoning and Worcestershire sauce, coupled with a delectable steakhouse rub. Made with a blend of brown sugar, garlic powder, onion powder, cumin, dry mustard, cayenne pepper, and black pepper, this rub adds an explosion of flavor to the meat.

The Perfect Grilling Experience

Preparing these mouthwatering pork chops is incredibly easy. Simply marinate the meat in our steak seasoning and Worcestershire sauce mixture for just 30 minutes. Then, generously coat the chop with the tantalizing steakhouse rub, and it’s ready for the grill.

A Note on Spice

The steakhouse rub provides just a subtle hint of heat, thanks to a touch of cayenne pepper. If you prefer a milder flavor profile, feel free to reduce the amount of cayenne. But for those who love a little kick, don’t be afraid to turn up the heat!

The Gift That Keeps on Giving

With this recipe, you’ll have enough steakhouse rub to enjoy these incredible pork chops time after time. Simply store any leftover rub in an airtight container, and you’ll always be ready for a flavor-packed grilling experience.

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From Ribeye to Your Plate

To create these remarkable Steakhouse Pork Chops, we recommend using Ribeye Pork Chops. Also known as bone-in rib chops, these cuts offer an unbeatable combination of tenderness and rich flavors. However, if you prefer boneless options, feel free to try the boneless Rib Chop or Boneless Sirloin Pork Chop.

Supporting Local Farms

Did you know that Iowa supplies about one-third of the pork raised in the United States? By purchasing pork at your local grocery store, you are directly supporting family farms across Iowa and the entire country.

Cooking to Perfection

To ensure your pork chops are cooked safely, the internal temperature should reach 145ºF. Use a digital cooking thermometer to measure the temperature at the thickest part of the chop without touching the bone. Once it reaches the desired temperature, remove it from the heat and let it rest for three minutes before indulging.

A Staple in Your Kitchen

Prepare to be blown away by the incredible flavors of our Steakhouse Pork Chops. These mouthwatering delights are so irresistible that you’ll find yourself coming back for more. Whether it’s for a weekday lunch or a special occasion like the 4th of July, this recipe is guaranteed to become a staple in your household.

So, what are you waiting for? Grab your Ribeye Pork Chops and get ready to embark on a grilling adventure that will leave your taste buds begging for more. For more delicious recipes and grilling inspiration, visit Rowdy Hog Smokin BBQ.