The Secret to Perfectly Rested Brisket: Your Electric Oven

Discover the game-changing technique used by pros and how you can achieve the same results at home with your electric oven.

Brisket wrapped in butcher paper

When it comes to creating tender and juicy brisket, resting the meat after cooking is crucial. Traditionally, barbecue enthusiasts would wrap their brisket in aluminum foil and let it rest in a cooler for a few hours. However, the rise of Central Texas barbecue and the influence of pitmaster Aaron Franklin have introduced a new technique – wrapping the brisket in pink butcher paper for a long rest. This method has gained popularity for its ability to enhance moisture retention, texture, and tenderness of the finished brisket.

To achieve the same results as the pros, many barbecue joints utilize holding ovens or hot boxes, such as the ones produced by Alto-Shaam. These ovens, equipped with a thermostatically controlled electric heating element, maintain a steady low temperature for hours, ensuring the cooked brisket is held safely above 140°F. This consistency allows restaurants to hold the brisket until it’s time to slice and serve to customers.

During a visit to Caldwell County BBQ in Gilbert, AZ, pitmaster Jimmy Perez demonstrated the power of a holding oven by resting briskets at 170°F for a whopping 17 hours. Intrigued by this technique, I wondered if my home electric oven could achieve similar results.

Alto-Shaam holding oven

Curiosity got the best of me, and I decided to put my oven to the test. I attached a ThermoWorks Signals alarm thermometer, set the oven to its lowest temperature of 170°F, and monitored the temperature over a couple of hours. What I discovered surprised me.

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While my oven didn’t consistently stay at 170°F, it did maintain a temperature range between the mid-140s°F and low 150s°F. Although not ideal, this range proved to be excellent for holding the brisket, as it remained tender and juicy.

Encouraged by these initial results, I wrapped the next brisket I smoked in pink butcher paper and placed it in my electric oven set to 170°F. Over the course of four hours, the oven temperature fluctuated between 143°F and 147°F. The end result was a perfectly rested brisket, still juicy and flavorful.

Juicy brisket after a 4 hour rest in pink butcher paper in my electric oven

Now, it’s your turn to put your electric oven to the test. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Set your electric oven to “Bake” and adjust it to the lowest temperature setting.
  2. Place a probe thermometer on the oven rack in the middle position.
  3. Monitor the temperature over a couple of hours, taking note of the low and high temperature ranges. Ideally, the low temperature should not drop below 140°F, and the high temperature should not exceed 170°F (although a high of 160°F is preferable).

If you own a ThermoWorks Smoke or Signals thermometer, you can record and graph the temperature over time, providing a more accurate understanding of how your oven performs at its lowest setting. Armed with this knowledge, you can determine if your electric oven is suitable for holding finished brisket for extended periods.

Key Takeaways


Q: Can I use any type of oven for holding brisket?
A: While this article focuses on electric ovens, the technique can be applied to gas or other types of ovens. The key is to test the temperature consistency and ensure it falls within the recommended range.

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Q: Can I hold brisket for longer than four hours?
A: Absolutely! The length of time you can hold your brisket will depend on your oven’s temperature stability. As long as the temperature remains within the safe range and the meat remains tender and juicy, you can extend the holding time.

Q: Can I use this technique for other types of meat?
A: While the focus here is on brisket, this resting technique can be applied to other large cuts of meat, such as pork shoulder or prime rib. Adjust the oven temperature accordingly based on the recommended cooking temperatures for each specific cut.


Unlock the secret to perfectly rested, tender, and juicy brisket with your electric oven. By discovering the optimal temperature range and utilizing the technique employed by professionals, you can achieve exceptional results in the comfort of your home. Embrace the art of barbecue and elevate your cooking prowess with the Rowdy Hog Smokin BBQ.

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