The Art of Steak: Crafting the Perfect Bourbon Steak Sauce

When it comes to the eternal debate of whether to serve steak with or without a sauce, opinions are divided. While no one questions the need for a scrumptious garlic cream sauce on chicken thighs or a rich tomato-based stew with pork chops, the controversy truly ignites when it comes to pouring a delectable sauce over a perfectly grilled steak. Today, we present the case for the sauce with our tantalizing Cajun Rubbed Steak with Bourbon Street Sauce recipe!

A Culinary Symphony: Sauce and Cajun Rubbed Steak

Our belief is that if a sauce is meticulously crafted to harmonize with the delicate flavors of a meaty New York strip steak or a succulent ribeye, then why not embrace it? That’s exactly what we offer with our Cajun Rubbed Bourbon Street Steak recipe. This spicy Cajun rubbed steak is accompanied by a sauce so flavorful that its sole purpose is to be poured over a grilled medium rare masterpiece.

Still skeptical? We invite you to give it a try and revel in what might be the best steak experience of your life, sauce included. So, let’s dive in and discover the art of creating this mouthwatering dish.

Cajun Rubbed Bourbon Steak

Mastering the Basics: Selecting and Preparing the Steak

For this recipe, we recommend using a New York Strip steak. While the sauce complements any grilled cut of red meat, the lean and meaty profile of the strip adds a delightful dimension. When choosing your steak, look for one that is well-marbled and at least 1 ¼” – 1 ½” thick. This thickness allows for a perfect sear without compromising the desired level of doneness.

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To begin, let’s prepare a savory and spicy homemade blackened Cajun rub. This rub incorporates a blend of dried herbs, cayenne pepper, and other spices that infuse your steak with an explosion of flavors. Drizzle a light amount of olive oil over the steak to ensure the rub adheres to the surface. Generously apply the rub, patting it onto all sides of the meat for a bold coating. Meanwhile, let the steak sit with the rub for approximately 20 minutes as you preheat your grill.

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Embracing the Fire: Grilling Cajun Rubbed Steak with Bourbon Street Sauce

Prepare your charcoal grill for high-heat direct searing, aiming for a temperature around 500°F or higher. Allow the grates to come up to temperature before placing the steaks on the grill. Once preheated, position the Cajun Rubbed Steaks directly over the coals. Cook each side for approximately 3-4 minutes, rotating the steaks 45 degrees halfway through to achieve those coveted grill marks.

After about 6-8 minutes, you should be looking for an internal temperature of around 115°F-120°F for a perfect medium-rare doneness. Since we are cooking with high heat, the internal temperature will continue to rise during the resting period, reaching about 135°F. For a rarer steak, aim for 110°F internal temperature on the grill. Once the desired temperature is reached, remove the steaks from the grill and let them rest on a plate.

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Cajun Rubbed Bourbon Steak - Sliced

The Symphony Unfolds: Assembling the Sauce

While the steaks rest, it’s time to assemble the quick and easy Bourbon Street Sauce that will elevate your culinary experience. Begin by cleaning your grill grates with a grill brush. Next, place a heavy-bottomed skillet or cast iron pan over the coals on the grill. Sauté finely minced shallots and garlic in butter for 2-3 minutes, stirring until fragrant. Add brown sugar and soy sauce, stirring until the mixture simmers. At this point, we want it hot before adding the bourbon to burn off the alcohol.

Now comes the magical moment – add your herbs, spices, and whole grain mustard to the simmering sauce, making sure to keep it at a constant simmer. Allow the sauce to reduce to a luscious glaze, which should take around 5-6 minutes. Remove the pan from the grill and set it aside, allowing the sauce to thicken as it cools.

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Savory Symphony: Serving Cajun Rubbed Steak with Bourbon Street Sauce

It’s time to indulge in the grand finale – slicing into our steaks. Cut the steaks into thin ¼” slices against the grain and arrange them on a clean plate for a stunning presentation. Use a spoon to elegantly pour the sauce across the slices of steak, ensuring every bite is adorned with its flavorful embrace. Garnish with fresh scallions to add a final touch of vibrancy and savor every moment of these Cajun Rubbed Steaks with Bourbon Street Sauce.

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Believe us when we say that your perception of steak with sauce will be forever transformed after experiencing this masterpiece.

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