The Art of Smoked Pulled Pork: Unveiling the Secrets of Perfectly Tender Meat

Indulge in the mouthwatering flavors of slow-smoked pulled pork on a Kamado Joe Grill. Get ready to experience fall-off-the-bone tenderness and create the ultimate pulled pork sandwiches for your next summer grilling adventure.

pulled pork sandwich with bbq sauce and southern coleslaw

Picture this: succulent and juicy smoked pork butt, bursting with flavor. With our expert tips, you’ll become the hero of your backyard BBQ, impressing friends and family with every bite. This recipe guarantees perfection, time and time again!

The Journey Begins: Preparing for Smoked Pulled Pork

Let’s dive into the essentials you’ll need to embark on this flavorsome journey. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A Smoker: Whether it’s a Kamado grill, an offset smoker, or even an electric pellet smoker, choose the method that suits your style.
  • Natural Hardwood Lump Charcoal: Say goodbye to chemical-laden briquettes and opt for the real deal—natural wood lump charcoal.
  • Fruitwood: We recommend a combination of applewood and oak for the perfect smoke.
  • A BBQ Rub: Create your own homemade dry rub or use your favorite brand.
  • A Probe Thermometer: Keep track of the grill’s ambient temperature and the meat’s internal temperature from your phone with the Thermoworks Signals BBQ alarm—a true game-changer.

Unraveling the Mystery: The Intricacies of Pork Butt

Pork butt is the star of the show when it comes to making the finest pulled pork. Whether bone-in or boneless, each cut brings its unique character to the table. For this recipe, we suggest opting for a 4 to 6-pound pork butt, perfectly balanced in size and tenderness.

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ingredients for a bbq rub

The BBQ Rub: Elevating the Flavor

A great BBQ rub is the secret ingredient that takes your smoked pork butt to the next level. Our homemade recipe combines salt, sugar, and spices, adding that extra layer of flavor that’ll make your taste buds dance with joy. Apply a generous amount of the rub to the pork butt, allowing it to “dry brine” in the fridge overnight.

The Art of Smoking: A Dance with Fire and Smoke

Smoking meat is an art that requires patience and vigilance. While pellet smokers work their magic with minimal interference, traditional fire-based smoking demands your attention. Begin by allowing the smoker to reach a temperature of approximately 225℉. Keep an eye on the grill, ensuring a steady rolling smoke. Cook the pork butt for about 2 hours per pound of meat, maintaining a temperature range of 225-250℉ until the internal temperature reaches 195-205℉.

digital thermometer with 2 probes attached to monitor the grill temp and meat temp

Kamado Joe vs. The Green Egg: The Battle of Ceramic Grills

As you explore the realm of ceramic grills, you’ll encounter two heavyweights: the Kamado Joe Grill and the Big Green Egg. Both exceptional culinary vessels, they excel at maintaining steady temperatures, resulting in perfectly cooked meats. While the Big Green Egg holds a special place in many hearts, the Kamado Joe Grill offers a remarkable balance of quality and affordability, making it an enticing option for grill enthusiasts.

Mastering Temperature Control: The Airflow Conundrum

Once the fire is lit, controlling the temperature within the ceramic grill boils down to managing the airflow. Remember, more air means a hotter fire. Optimal smoking temperatures range from 225 to 250℉, so adjust the top and bottom dampers accordingly. The top chimney regulates the smoke, while the bottom damper controls the airflow. Regularly monitor the grill’s temperature using the Thermoworks Signals digital thermometer, ensuring that it remains within the desired range.

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top chimney of the kamado joe grill

Reveling in the Culmination: Shredding Pulled Pork

As the smoked pork butt emerges from the depths of the smoker, allow it to rest for a substantial period. Give it at least twenty minutes, up to an hour, before shredding. Start by pulling apart the meat with your hands, then use forks to further shred it into tender morsels of perfection.

pulled pork ready to make pulled pork sandwiches

FAQs and Expert Tips

  • What To Serve With Pulled Pork? Elevate the experience with a variety of delectable sides. Serve your pulled pork sandwiches on homemade dinner rolls, topped with a dollop of barbecue sauce and a generous portion of crunchy coleslaw. Cast-iron skillet baked beans make for a crowd-pleasing side dish, and for dessert, don’t forget the crowd-favorite banana cream pie!
  • More Grilling Recipes That You’ll Love: If grilling is your passion, we’ve got more recipes for you to explore. From mouthwatering smoked ribs to bacon-rubbed pork shish kabobs, our repertoire will keep your grilling adventures exciting and delicious.

Sink your teeth into the extraordinary world of smoked pulled pork, where every bite is an explosion of flavor. It’s time to unleash your inner grill master and create culinary masterpieces that will leave everyone craving more.

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