Arthur Treacher’s Fish & Chips Acquires Pudgie’s Famous Chicken: A Tasty Partnership

Arthur Treacher's Fish & Chips

In an exciting development for the culinary world, Arthur Treacher’s Inc. Fish & Chips, a subsidiary of Digital Creative Development Corporation (DC2), has recently announced its acquisition of Pudgie’s Famous Chicken. This all-stock transaction brings together two beloved brands, promising a delightful fusion of flavors and new opportunities for growth.

A Perfect Match: Arthur Treacher’s and Pudgie’s

Under the terms of the agreement, Arthur Treacher’s will acquire the stock of Pudgie’s and its affiliates. To optimize operations, Arthur Treacher’s will be consolidating its corporate functions into Pudgie’s Famous Chicken’s headquarters located in Lake Success, NY. This strategic move will enhance collaboration and streamline operations for the combined entity.

The successful history of co-branding between Arthur Treacher’s and Pudgie’s played a crucial role in this acquisition. By combining their expertise in chicken and fish, they are set to become an unstoppable force in the fast food industry. The merger offers an opportunity to grow both brand names and create a valuable asset, poised for future expansion.

A Vision for Success

Bruce Galloway, Chairman of Arthur Treacher’s, expressed his enthusiasm for this venture, stating, “The acquisition of Pudgie’s aligns perfectly with our ongoing reorganization efforts. We believe that co-branding is the key to success for independent brands, and our collaboration with Pudgie’s has been immensely fruitful. This transaction not only strengthens our operations but also opens up new avenues for strategic growth.”

The CEO of DC2, Ralph Sorrentino, emphasized the long-term strategy behind this acquisition, stating, “This transaction is part of our plan to ultimately spin-out the restaurant group, with DC2 transitioning into a pure entertainment company.”

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A Delicious Legacy: Pudgie’s Famous Chicken

Pudgie’s Famous Chicken, headquartered in Lake Success, NY, has made a name for itself with its premium skinless chicken. With 32 fast food locations in the New York metropolitan area, Pudgie’s is known for its commitment to franchise owners, offering top-notch training, operational support, and marketing assistance. This acquisition will further solidify Pudgie’s position in the market and provide a platform for continued success.

Joining Forces: Arthur Treacher’s Fish & Chips

As a wholly-owned subsidiary of Digital Creative Development Corp, Arthur Treacher’s is a fast-service seafood restaurant chain with a rich history. With 161 locations across 13 states, including company-owned and franchised restaurants, Arthur Treacher’s has established a strong presence in the mid-western and eastern United States, as well as in Ontario, Canada. This acquisition propels Arthur Treacher’s into an exciting new chapter, expanding its offerings and enhancing its market presence.

Looking Ahead

With the acquisition of Pudgie’s Famous Chicken, Arthur Treacher’s is positioned to shake up the fast food landscape, offering an exceptional blend of flavors and culinary expertise. This partnership represents a win for both companies and sets the stage for a promising future in the restaurant industry.

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