The Rich Flavors of Free-Roaming Meats

When it comes to the quality of meat, free-roaming and foraging animals are in a league of their own. Not only do they have well-exercised muscles, but our animals also receive no liquid saline injections. The result is meat that is redder, leaner, and bursting with flavor, setting it apart from traditional cuts.

Cooking Tips for Optimal Flavor

To fully appreciate the health benefits of this special meat, it’s important to learn the best ways to cook it. While there are numerous guides available online, search for advice and recipes specifically tailored to “grass-fed” and “pastured” meats. These resources will provide invaluable tips to make the most out of your culinary experience.

Grass-fed and Grass-finished Beef

Our Jersey steers are raised exclusively on pasture, ensuring their meat is lean, healthy, and full of flavor. To achieve the ideal tenderness, it’s recommended to cook our grass-fed beef slowly using methods such as a crock-pot, instant pot, sous vide, or through braising. For those who prefer a quicker cooking time, pan-searing or enjoying it rare is a delightful option.

Every step of the process is carefully managed. The steers are butchered and dry-aged for 21 days by a USDA butcher. The meat is then frozen on-site and sold directly to consumers. We take pride in encouraging our customers to explore all parts of the animal, so don’t forget to explore our comprehensive price list.

An Abundance of Beef Coming Soon

We apologize for the limited availability of certain cuts at the moment. However, our next beef butchering is scheduled for November 22nd, 2023. By early December, our supply will be replenished, and you’ll have plenty of options to choose from.

Price List:

  • Ground Beef: 1-lb packets at $9.50/lb. Perfect for recipes like spaghetti, lasagna, and tacos. Can also be used for grilling with some added fat. (Plenty available!)

  • Stew Meat: 1 lb/package at $9/lb. Ideal for any beef stew recipe. Try it in a classic British steak and kidney pie. (Limited availability)

  • Top Sirloin Steak: 2 steaks/pkt, averaging 1-1.5 lbs at $12/lb. Boneless and currently sold out. (Apologies, this cut is temporarily unavailable)

  • Sirloin Tip Steak: 1 steak/pkt, averaging 0.5 lbs at $10.50/lb. Very lean and best marinated. Perfect for small, flavorful dishes like kabobs or cube steak. (Sorry, sold out)

Delicious Beef Cuts

  • Hanging Tender (Hanger) Steak: 2 steaks/pkt, averaging 1 lb at $15/lb. Although potentially chewy, it remains a secret favorite among butchers and chefs. Sadly, it is currently sold out.

  • Flank Steak: Averages 1-1.2 lbs at $14.50/lb. Known for its great beefy flavor, this cut is perfect when sliced thin and quickly cooked, such as in stir-fries. (Limited availability)

  • Skirt Steak: Averages 1-1.2 lbs at $12/lb. A favorite choice for fajitas or carne asada. (Limited availability)

  • Bavette Steak (Bottom Sirloin Flap) or Coulotte Steak (Sirloin Cap): Approximately 1 lb/package at $12.50/lb. Flavorful and thicker than flank or skirt steak, this cut is best cooked quickly and sliced thinly. (Sold out – sorry)

  • Tenderloin Steak (Filet Mignon): 2 steaks/pkt, averaging 0.5-.65 lbs at $26/lb. Considered one of the most tender and mildest-flavored cuts from the animal.

  • NY Strip Steak (Top Loin Steak): 2 steaks/pkt, averaging 1-1.2 lbs at $15/lb. An excellent choice for pan-searing. (Limited availability)

  • Beef Rib Steak: 2 steaks/pkt, averaging 1.2-1.4 lbs at $16/lb. One of the few grass-finished steaks perfect for grilling. Best when marinated.

  • T-Bone Steak: 2 steaks/pkt, averaging 2 lbs/pkg at $16/lb. Another excellent choice for grilling. (Sold out – sorry)

  • Eye of Round Steak: 2 steaks/pkt, averaging .85 lbs at $9/lb. Flavorful and great value for money! Ideal for fast or slow cooking, making it perfect for sous vide recipes or barbacoa. (None available in this butchering)

  • Top Round Steak (= London Broil): Averages 1.5 lbs at $9/lb. Similar to the Eye of Round Steak, it’s a great choice for rare meat lovers. Also recommended for making beef jerky or small pot roasts. (Limited availability)

Rowdy Hog Smokin BBQ

  • Cross-cut Shank: Approximately 2.25 lbs/package at $7.50/lb. Perfect for using in an instant pot/pressure cooker or slow cooker to make a delicious version of Osso Bucco. (Lots of healthy collagen)

  • Cross-rib Roast: Averages 2-3 lbs/roast at $14.50/lb. This roast excels when dry-roasted to a rarer end. Also delightful when braised or cooked in a sous vide. (None available in this butchering)

  • Chuck/Rump/Arm Roast: Averages 2.75-4 lbs/roasts at $9.50/lb. This cut is best cooked with moist and/or low heat. It can be shredded, chopped, and used as a ground beef substitute in dishes like chili, tacos, or spaghetti. (Only a few Arm Roasts left)

  • Short Ribs: Approximately 1-2 lbs/package at $7.50/lb. These American-style ribs are delicious when cooked in an instant pot and finished in the oven under sauce. (Limited availability)

Mouth-Watering Ribs

  • Brisket: Averages 3-4 lbs/pieces at $10/lb. Bone-out brisket segments suitable for making homemade corned beef, pastrami, or beef bacon. (Sold out – sorry)

  • Beef Fat Packets: Usually 4 lbs at $4/lb. Use slices to add fat to roasting meat. Alternatively, you can render it to produce tallow for frying. (Beef fat stores well when rendered and can last up to a year)

  • Beef Suet (Kidney Fat) Packets: Usually 2-3 lbs at $5/lb. Perfect for traditional recipes such as English Christmas pudding or steak and kidney.

  • Liver: 1 lb at $7/lb. Our adult beef liver is as mild as calf liver due to our animals’ natural grass-based diet.

  • Kidney: Approximately 1.15 lbs/package at $6/lb. Mild grass-fed beef kidneys that can be used in recipes just like lamb kidneys. (Sold out)

  • Tongue: Whole, just under 2 lbs, at $12/lb. Try it slow-cooked, chilled, and sliced for incredibly tender lunchmeat for tacos. (Limited availability)

  • Heart: 1/2 heart portions, approximately 1.3-1.5 lbs at $12/lb. Slow oven braise-roasting turns this into a great cold roast-beef cut.

  • Oxtail: Essential for oxtail soup and heritage dishes. (Limited availability)

  • Cheek: Approximately 1.3 lbs/package at $7/lb. Although the most flavorful and least tender part of a cow, it becomes tender with slow cooking. Use an instant pot or crock pot to make delicious beef-cheek tacos (barbacoa)!

  • Bones: Usually 3.5-4 lbs/packets at $5.50/lb. Perfect for making your own grass-fed/finished bone broth. Roast them first for the best flavor.

  • Tendon: Approximately 2 lb packages at $5/lb. Add a few to a beef stock recipe to increase the collagen and gelatin.

  • Spleen: Approximately 2.2 lbs at $6/lb. We have a limited supply of this unique organ – contact us soon if interested.

  • Sweetbread: 1.22 lb at $6/lb. One of a kind delicacy. We only have one available – act quickly to secure it.

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Pastured Pork – Coming Soon!

We apologize for the current unavailability of pork. Our next pork butchering is scheduled for November 6, 2023. By mid-November, pork will be back in stock, ready for you to enjoy.

The Heritage Breeds of Pastured Pork

Our Tamworth and Large Black pigs are hardy, healthy, and exceptional foragers. These heritage breeds take their time to mature, making them leaner and more flavorful than conventionally raised pigs. Like all our animals, they are raised without herbicides, pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics.

After being butchered by a USDA-approved facility, the meat is frozen on-site and sold directly to consumers. We encourage our customers to discover the full range of flavors offered by each part of the animal by exploring our extensive price list.

Price List:

  • Pork Chops: 2 packages available with weights varying from 1 lb to over 1.5 lbs at $10.50/lb. These thick-cut, boneless chops are perfect for pan-cooking or marinating for grilling. (Currently sold out)

  • Shoulder Roast: Approximately 4 lbs/package at $9.50/lb. Excellent for pulled pork. We also have some coppa (neck) roast available at $11/lb. (Regular shoulder roast sold out – limited availability of coppa)

  • Spare Ribs: Approximately 1.75-2 lb packages at $8.50/lb. These ribs are delicious when cooked in an instant pot and finished in the oven under sauce. (Sold out)

  • Ham: Approximately 2.5-3.5 lb packages at $12.50/lb. Bone-in and traditionally cured. Some are smoked as well. We also have fresh ham roast available at $10/lb.

Succulent Pork Chops

  • Bacon – Regular: Approximately 1 lb packages at $11.50/lb. Cured and smoked.

  • Fresh Pork Belly (Skin on): $8.50/lb. (Sold out – sorry)

  • Shoulder Bacon: Approximately 1 lb packages at $12.50/lb. Cured and round in shape, resembling Canadian bacon. Use it as a substitute or add it to deluxe cheeseburgers. (None available in this butchering)

  • Bacon Ends and Pieces: Approximately 1 lb packages at $10.50/lb. Cured and smoked. Perfect for recipes like omelets where bacon is meant to be cut up. (Sold out)

  • Jowl Bacon: Approximately 1 lb packages at $9.50/lb. Cured and smoked. This circular and fatty bacon is fantastic when fried in recipes such as spaghetti carbonara or bean soup. (None available in this butchering)

  • Pork Sausage – Bulk: Approximately 1 lb packages at $9.50/lb. Mild Italian seasoned sausage perfect for pizza, strata, and pasta dishes. (Limited availability)

  • Pork Sausage – Links: Approximately 1.5 lb packages at $10.50/lb. Salt and pepper seasoned sausages, ideal for breakfast or sliced into pasta sauce. Also great in a hot-dog bun. (None available in this butchering)

  • Ground Pork: $9/lb. A versatile option for making stuffed cabbage, lettuce wraps, meatballs, spicy Thai noodle salad, or easy pork carnitas. (Limited availability)

  • Shoulder or Leg Steaks: $8.50/lb. Excellent for pulled pork or cooking in milk. (None available in this butchering)

Tasty Pork Ribs

  • Smoked Hocks: Approximately 1 lb/package at $7.50/lb. Delicious as a base for bean or split-pea soup. Offers a ham-like taste. (Limited availability)

  • Pork Bones: $5.50/lb. Perfect for making a flavorful base for cooking beans from scratch or for a ramen soup base. (Limited availability)

  • Pork Fat/Leaf Lard (unrendered): $5/lb. Render pork fat into lard for cooking purposes. (Rendered lard from pastured pork sells online for $10/lb + shipping!)

  • Pig’s Head: $5/lb. Available upon request.

  • Pork Organ Meats: Pork Trotters (Feet): $5/lb (organs) | Pork Skin: $6.50/lb (feet) | Liver, Kidney, Heart: $2.50/lb. Make your own chicharrones!

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Pasture-raised and Finished Goat

Our goats are raised 100% on pasture, enjoying a diverse range of herbage, including Himalayan blackberry leaves and young Canadian thistle. Although not strictly “grass-fed,” these goats are a unique delight due to their varied diet. They are a mix of breeds, mainly Boer, with some dairy bucks like Nubian and Lamancha added to the mix. Neutered as kids, they are raised without herbicides, pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics.

Butchered by a USDA-approved facility, the goat meat is immediately frozen and sold directly to consumers. While other goat options may be cheaper, the diet of these goats is carefully managed to ensure the best flavors.

Price List:

  • Bone-in Stew Meat: Currently about 3.5 lb/pkg (typically 2 lb packages) at $12/lb. This style of stew meat is highly sought after by our customers from around the world. Perfect for preparing delicious goat curry.

  • Loin Chops or Tenderloin: The weight varies from 2/3 lb to 1.5 lb at $17/lb. (Limited availability)

  • Ground Goat: 1 lb packages at $11/lb. (Sold out)

  • Rib Chops: The weight varies from 2/3 lb to 1.5 lb at $15/lb. (Limited availability)

Mouthwatering Goat Chops

  • Shoulder Chops: $13/lb. (None available in this butchering)

  • Shank – Hind and Fore: 1 package, approximately 2 lbs at $10/lb. Meaty and perfect for braised shank recipes or traditional Passover dishes. (Sold out – sorry)

  • Rib, Leg, or Shoulder Roast: $15/lb. Perfect for a celebratory holiday dinner. The roast has a good fat flap ensuring a succulent result. (None available in this butchering)

  • Neck Chops: 2/pkg, averaging 0.85 lb pkg at $8/lb. An economical cut suitable for those wanting to try lamb. Delicious when braised.

  • Bones: $5/lb. Great for making lamb stock to enrich stews or create a flavorful gravy for a roasted leg of lamb. (Sold out)

  • Organ Meats: $6/lb. Options include liver, kidney, tongue, and heart. These smaller portions are perfect for single people wanting to explore or try organ meat. (Limited availability)

  • Whole Head: Available upon request.

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Pastured Lamb – Fresh Butchering

Grass-fed lamb offers a mild and delectable flavor, without any undesirable “mutton” taste. Our sheep, mainly Texel or Icelandic breeds, are raised entirely outdoors on pasture without the use of herbicides, pesticides, hormones, or antibiotics. Handled by a USDA-approved butcher, the meat is frozen onsite and sold directly to consumers.

We have recently sent 10 hoggets (sheep between 1-2 years old) to the butcher, with fresh ground meat, stew meat, and lamb chops becoming available by mid-September.

Price List:

  • Ground Lamb: 1 lb/pkg at $11/lb. (Sold out)

  • Kabob Meat: 1 lb/pkg at $13/lb. (Sold out)

Juicy Lamb Chops

  • Rib Chops: .45 lb/pkg (2 chops) at $12/lb. (Sold out – sorry)

  • Loin Chops: .45 lb/pkg (2 chops) at $13/lb. Tender and perfect for roasting or fine recipes. (Sold out – sorry)

  • Rack of Lamb: 1-1.5 lb/pkg (about 6 chops) at $15/lb. (None in this butchering)

  • Leg of Lamb: 2-2.7 lb average at $12/lb. (None in this butchering)

  • Leg Roast: 2-2.3 lbs average at $14/lb. Smaller bone-in roast that can be cooked like a leg of lamb. (None in this butchering)

  • Shoulder Roast: 1.8-3 lb average at $12/lb. Smaller bone-in roast that can be cooked like a leg of lamb.

  • Neck Chops: 2/pkg, averaging 0.85 lb pkg at $8/lb. A small and economical cut, making it an excellent choice for those wanting to try lamb. Perfect when braised.

  • Spare Ribs: $6/lb. (Sold out)

  • Shanks – Fore & Hind: 1/package, about 1.25-1.85 lbs at $9/lb. Meaty shanks that are ideal for all your favorite braised shank recipes. Perfect for Passover. (Sold out)

  • Bones: Approximately 3 lbs/pkg at $5/lb. Great for making lamb stock to enrich stews or create a flavorful gravy for a roasted leg of lamb. (Sold out)

  • Organ Meats: Approximately 1⁄2 lb-1 lb packages at $6/lb. Options include liver, kidney, tongue, and heart. These small portions are ideal for those who want to try organ meat or are single individuals seeking a culinary adventure. (Limited availability)

  • Whole Head: Available upon request.

We invite you to visit Rowdy Hog Smokin BBQ to experience a mouthwatering feast of delicious, pasture-raised meats. The combination of expertly raised animals and skilled butchering promises an unforgettable culinary experience. Take your taste buds on a journey and indulge in the rich flavors and tenderness that only free-roaming meats can provide.

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