Oven Pork Ribs with Barbecue Sauce

To-die-for Pork Ribs recipe with fall-apart meat slathered in a sticky homemade barbecue sauce! These oven Pork Ribs are rubbed with a spice mix, slow cooked until fall-apart-tender, then basted generously with a tangy, sweet sauce. Can’t-stop-eating it, finger-licking’ good!

If you’re the kind of person who grabs ribs with your hands, devours them with gusto, and gets sauce all over your mouth, then you are my kind of people. Welcome to the pork ribs of your dreams!

Pork Ribs Recipe

These oven-baked pork ribs recipe are super easy, with tender meat infused with flavor from a rub and braising in apple cider. They are finished with a simple but incredibly tasty homemade barbecue sauce. These Oven Pork Ribs are fall-apart tender and slathered with an incredible homemade barbecue sauce!

Close up of Oven Barbecue Pork Ribs dinner with a side of Macaroni Salad, corn, and cucumber tomato salad

How to Make Oven Pork Ribs

Here’s how I make pork ribs in the oven. There are a few key things to keep in mind:

  • Rub for the pork ribs: Add flavor to the ribs.
  • Liquid for cooking: This is a crucial step for this pork ribs recipe! It creates a steamy environment while the ribs slow cook in the oven, keeping them nice and juicy. My choice of liquid is alcoholic apple cider, but you can also use beer, apple juice, broth, or even water.
  • Homemade barbecue sauce: Ribs are a special treat, so using store-bought barbecue sauce doesn’t even cross my mind. Homemade barbecue sauce is astonishingly simple to make and tastes pure and real.
  • Baste, bake, baste, bake!: The more you baste and bake, the better your sticky barbecue sauce coating on the ribs.
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How to make amazing pork ribs in the oven

What You Need for Oven Pork Ribs with Barbecue Sauce

To make these delicious ribs, you’ll need the following ingredients. Nothing unique here, except perhaps the molasses in the barbecue sauce. It adds color and intensity of flavor that can’t be replicated.

  • Pork ribs
  • Rub ingredients
  • Apple cider (or alternative liquid)
  • Barbecue sauce ingredients

Barbecue Rub for oven pork ribs
Homemade barbecue sauce for pork ribs in oven

Barbecue Sauce for Pork Ribs

The barbecue sauce in this recipe is used for both glazing and serving. It is a simple plonk and simmer job, low maintenance, and effortless. It truly tastes of pure flavor compared to store-bought, making it worth the effort.

Homemade Barbecue sauce for pork ribs
Overhead photo of Oven Barbecue Pork Ribs

What to Serve with Pork Ribs

In the spirit of a Southern barbecue feast, serve up your sticky oven pork ribs with a side of Macaroni Salad and corn on the cob. Other favorites include Potato Salad, Mac and Cheese, Corn Bread or Corn Bread Muffins, and fresh salads like Tomato, Corn, and Avocado Salad or German Cucumber Salad.

Oven Barbecue Pork Ribs dinner with a side of Macaroni Salad, corn, and cucumber tomato salad

This is a forgiving pork ribs recipe that’s loaded with plenty of flavor. As long as you get nice juicy, fatty ribs, it will be pretty hard to mess up this recipe. Ribs are a tough cut of meat that’s perfect for slow cooking until nice and tender. Enjoy the messy eating experience and savor the deliciousness!

-Nagi x

Watch how to make it here.

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