Getting to Know Olive Egger Chickens

Olive Egger chickens are not your average breed; they are a captivating cross between a blue egg layer and a dark brown egg layer. When an Ameraucana hen’s egg is fertilized by a Marans rooster, the resulting chick will be an Olive Egger that lays beautiful olive green eggs. These chickens inherit traits from both parents, often taking on the coloring of a Marans and Ameraucana features like puffy cheeks.

The Appeal of Olive Green Eggs

With their olive green hue, these eggs are a unique addition to any egg basket. They bring a touch of individuality to your meals, elevating the visual appeal of dishes like salads and deviled eggs. Olive Egger chickens lay large eggs, typically producing around 150-200 eggs per year.

Olive Egger, Easter Egger, and Ameraucana eggs

Image: Olive Egger, Easter Egger, and Ameraucana eggs. Photo by Lisa Steele,

A Favorite Among Chicken Keepers

According to Lisa Steele from, Olive Egger chickens have become some of her favorite hens. Steele, who has raised Olive Eggers for several years, praises their temperament and unique qualities. Unlike their Marans or Ameraucana parents, Olive Eggers are friendly and chatty. They tend to be more consistent layers than Ameraucanas, making them a valuable addition to any flock. These chickens are also resilient to both cold and heat, making them adaptable to various climates.


Are Olive Egger chickens a recognized breed?

No, Olive Egger chickens are not officially recognized as a breed. They are classified as hybrid chickens resulting from specific crossbreeding.

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What is the average weight of Olive Egger chickens?

The weight of Olive Egger chickens can vary based on breeding. However, they are usually large birds.

Can other breeds lay greenish eggs?

While Favaucanas, Ameraucanas, and Aruacanas may occasionally lay greenish eggs, they are not considered Olive Egger chickens. The distinct combination of Ameraucana and Marans genes is what sets Olive Eggers apart.


Olive Egger chickens offer an exciting fusion of traits from two distinct breeds. Their beautiful olive green eggs, friendly demeanor, and adaptability make them a popular choice among chicken enthusiasts. If you’re looking for a unique addition to your flock that combines beauty and personality, consider the delightful Olive Egger chicken.

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