The Ultimate BBQ Smoker: Unleashing the Power of the Pecos

Old Country BBQ Pits Pecos Smoker

Have you ever felt like a kid with a new toy? Well, that’s exactly how I felt when I finally upgraded my smoker to the Old Country BBQ Pits Pecos. This was more than just a purchase; it was a journey of discovery. Let me share with you the incredible features that make this smoker a game-changer.

Seeking the Perfect Smoker

I had been searching for a smoker that would elevate my BBQ game for quite some time. My previous smoker, the “Chargriller Smokin’ Pro,” left much to be desired. It leaked smoke everywhere and had poor airflow. Determined to find the perfect smoker, I turned to the wisdom of Aaron Franklin, the renowned BBQ expert.

From Franklin’s book and YouTube videos, I learned the key elements of a great smoker: thick steel for better insulation, a lower exhaust stack for smoke distribution, and optimal airflow for superior convection. Armed with this knowledge, I scoured the internet for a smoker that met these specifications.

The Pecos: A Smoker Built for Champions

That’s when I stumbled upon the Old Country BBQ Pits Brazos and its little brother, the Pecos. Designed in south Texas and manufactured with precision, these smokers checked off all the boxes. With their thick 1/4 inch steel construction, welded seams, and strategically located exhaust stacks, they were the real deal.

However, the Brazos was out of my price range. Enter the Pecos, designed with almost the same specifications but at a more affordable price point. It was constructed with 14 gauge steel, significantly thicker than my old smoker. At $450, it offered incredible value. There was just one catch – it was only available at Academy Sports stores, which were not present in the Northeast.

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The Road Trip of a Lifetime

Determined to make the Pecos mine, I embarked on a road trip down South with Academy Sports stores peppered along the way. However, fate had other plans. Setbacks forced me to take a gamble and have the smoker shipped. Luckily, luck was on my side, and a few weeks later, my Pecos arrived in perfect condition.

Mastering the Pecos

After removing the machine oil and adding Tel-Tru thermometers for precise temperature monitoring, it was time to put the Pecos to the test. I discovered that its superior insulation required a smaller fire to maintain the desired temperature. Fine-tuning the airflow and stack height further optimized the cooking process.

Unleashing Smoky Delights

With the Pecos ready for action, I wasted no time experimenting with different recipes. I tried smoking chicken leg quarters with pecan wood, but the result wasn’t as expected. Wild temperature swings resulted in slightly drier meat and less crispy skin. Lesson learned – pecan wood wasn’t my preferred choice. I would stick to my trusted hickory, apple, or oak and cherry blend.

Undeterred, I embarked on a rib-smoking adventure. Keeping the temperature between 225-250 degrees, I achieved remarkable results. Comparing my go-to rub with Aaron Franklin’s minimalist approach, I discovered that simplicity didn’t necessarily equate to superior flavor. The sweet undertones of my familiar rub beautifully complemented the intense smokiness of hickory. It was a match made in BBQ heaven.

Deliciously smoked ribs

The Journey Continues

My culinary exploration with the Pecos has just begun. It’s a smoker that rewards patience and experimentation. As I continue to fine-tune my skills, the next challenge awaits – smoking a brisket. With the temperature dialed in, I’m ready for the 12+ hour journey that lies ahead.

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Stay tuned for updates on this smoky odyssey. The Old Country BBQ Pits Pecos has become an indispensable companion, bringing out the best flavors in every dish. Get your own Pecos and unlock the true potential of your BBQ adventures.

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