Mae Velma’s Corned Beef: A Delicious Journey Expands

Tyron Smith, owner of Mae Velma

Mae Velma’s Corned Beef, the charming little drive-thru stand tucked away on the northwest side, is blooming. Exciting news is on the horizon as a second location is set to open at 7276 N. Teutonia Ave.

A New Chapter Begins

The much-anticipated restaurant will officially open its doors on August 1st, according to owner Tyron Smith. This expansion marks a significant milestone for Mae Velma’s Corned Beef, signaling its growing popularity and success.

A neon sign is part of the decor at the second Mae Velma

More Than Just Carryout

While the new location remains primarily focused on carryout, Smith has added an exciting twist. The counter-service restaurant now offers eight cozy seats for customers craving the delightful experience of savoring their corned beef and Italian beef sandwiches on the spot. And for those who can’t resist a dash of sports with their meal, a big-screen TV will be tuned in to all the action.

Mae Velma

A Space Full of Promise

Smith’s vision for the second location extends beyond mouthwatering sandwiches. The renovated building, now divided into two storefronts, presents a golden opportunity to attract other traffic-generating businesses. A salon, perhaps? The potential is limitless. Previously occupied by Mama Nana’s Pick-Mar Restaurant, Smith transformed the space into a stylish haven for food lovers. With a granite counter, porcelain tile floors, beautiful neon accents, and a heartfelt tribute to his mother, Mae Velma, the atmosphere is nothing short of welcoming.

Navigating the Pandemic Storm

Navigating the challenging COVID-19 era has been no easy feat for restaurants, but Mae Velma’s Corned Beef rose to the occasion. With its drive-thru concept, the original location at 4101 N. 76th St. proved to be well-suited for a time when takeout became the norm. While other dine-in establishments struggled to adapt, Mae Velma’s was already primed for curbside service and takeout operations. It seemed almost pandemic-proof, as Smith fondly recalls, “All we had to do was slap some masks on and some gloves, and ‘Welcome to Mae Velma’s.'”

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The second location of Mae Velma

The Power of Family

During those tumultuous months, while finding reliable employees proved challenging, Smith discovered that family truly is the glue that holds everything together. His brother, Tarsh Smith, left his food service manager position to lend a helping hand, and his son, Tyron Smith Jr., joined the team, working tirelessly seven days a week. It was the unwavering support of their loved ones that carried them through the darkest times. Today, Tarsh manages the 76th Street location and will also assist in running the Teutonia expansion.

A Change in the Winds

To further fuel growth, Smith recognized the need to hire additional employees. Offering a higher hourly wage proved successful. However, when it came time to hire for the second restaurant, something extraordinary happened. Smith received an overwhelming response, with nearly 200 applicants vying for a spot in his expanding empire. This was a remarkable shift compared to the 30 to 40 applicants he would typically receive in the past. This time, 14 promising candidates showed up for the interview, signaling a positive change on the horizon.

The Journey Continues

With the second location’s grand opening on the horizon, the menu at Mae Velma’s Corned Beef continues to tantalize taste buds. In addition to their renowned corned beef and Italian beef sandwiches, the restaurant proudly serves a variety of delectable dishes, including reuben sandwiches, reuben rolls, chicken wings, fried catfish, ocean perch, shrimp dinners, and so much more. The team at Mae Velma’s is fueled by passion and excitement, eager to connect with their customers on a deeper level.

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Join the Corned Beef Celebration

The Teutonia location’s operating hours will be from 10 a.m. to midnight daily, slightly earlier than its sister spot on 76th Street. The latter dazzles patrons with its extended hours, staying open until 2 a.m. on Fridays and Saturdays, and until 1 a.m. on other days. Smith acknowledges that each neighborhood has its unique rhythm and understands the importance of adapting accordingly.

The new location will feature convenient online ordering and delivery through the website Customers can also call (414) 236-5590 to place their orders and experience the mouthwatering delights of Mae Velma’s Corned Beef.

A toast to Mae Velma’s Corned Beef, the cherished drive-thru that dared to dream bigger. As they embark on this exciting journey and share their passion for exceptional food, one thing is certain — the love they pour into their craft will only continue to grow. So, come one, come all, and join the celebration at Mae Velma’s Corned Beef!

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