A Spooky Encounter: Woman’s Haunted Maze Mishap Leads to a Lifetime of Pain

TikToker Laura Wood, known as @llauraaawood, recently shared a bone-chilling experience she had at a haunted corn maze. In a video that quickly went viral with over 2.3 million views, Wood revealed that she suffered an injury caused by one of the maze’s workers who allegedly brought real knives against the rules.

According to Wood, the incident has left her with “a lifetime of phantom pains and PTSD,” while the worker responsible received only community service as punishment. In another video with over 48,000 views, Wood hinted that she received some sort of settlement, expressing gratitude to the worker who stabbed her for enabling her to buy a house.

Wood, who now goes by “Miss stabby” in her bio, continues to share updates about the incident. She recently revealed that the person who allegedly stabbed her later asked for her number at a church event, only to be reminded of the traumatic encounter when she explained why she looked familiar.

In a storytime video that has since been removed, Wood recounted the harrowing experience. She explained that she visited the corn maze for a friend’s birthday just a few weeks before Halloween. Disoriented by the strobe lights and fake screams, Wood suddenly felt a snap and noticed a warm wetness on her body. It wasn’t until she looked at her hand that she realized it was her own blood.

Initially, Wood’s friend thought it was part of a prank due to their ongoing playful scares throughout the night. But when they used a flashlight to examine Wood’s arm, the truth became apparent. The injury was severe, and one of the maze’s actors broke character to help her. Overwhelmed and woozy, Wood sought medical attention.

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Wood’s journey to the hospital wasn’t easy, as all the workers ultimately abandoned their roles to assist her. The owner of the corn maze, whose identity remains undisclosed, also accompanied her to the hospital. Curiously, the owner claimed to have no knowledge of how the injury occurred, speculating that a snapped tree branch was to blame. However, Wood’s doctor concluded that the extent of the injury couldn’t have been caused by a mere branch, as it had sliced her artery down to the bone.

With over 200 stitches, Wood’s memory of the event remains hazy. However, she returned to the corn maze three days later with a police officer and the owner to investigate what happened. There, they discovered a shocking trail of blood that confirmed the severity of the incident.

During their visit, one of the actors who worked at the maze reached out to Wood’s brother to check on her. This actor, according to Wood, witnessed the true sequence of events that led to her injury. Dressed as the Joker, the person allegedly responsible for the incident knew the rules forbidding the use of knives.

As Wood vividly described, the worker hid in the bushes, waiting for her to pass by before springing out with two knives in hand. Startled, Wood had no time to react as one of the knives went deep into her arm. She locked eyes with the young man, sensing his fear, before he hurriedly fled the scene.

Part two of Wood’s story reveals that she unexpectedly encountered the young man at a church dance. Despite her attempts to avoid him, he insisted on holding her hand and engaging in personal conversations. In response, Wood questioned how someone who accidentally caused such harm could live without a lifetime of guilt and shame.

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Wood’s haunting wound continues to affect her, causing phantom pains that persist to this day. She recently updated her bio, mentioning that TikTok removed part one of her story. However, her courageous storytelling sheds light on a dark and unforgettable encounter that will forever shape her life.

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