The Ultimate Guide to JR Machine Products – Corn Cob Solvent Trap

JR Machine Solvent Trap

Do you want to keep your guns clean and ensure your safety at the same time? Look no further than the JR Machine Products – Corn Cob Solvent Trap. In this article, we’ll dive into the details of this innovative product and how it can revolutionize the way you clean your firearms. But first, let’s talk about what a solvent trap actually is.

What is a Solvent Trap?

As the name suggests, a solvent trap is a device that attaches to the end of your gun barrel to trap and contain solvents used during the cleaning process. While many gun owners have been using solvents for years without much thought, these chemicals can have negative health effects, including cognitive impairment, memory loss, and even carcinogenic effects. A solvent trap offers a safe and effective solution to this problem.

What comes in the box. Tube, cups, endcap. No center markings or dimples, which the ATF contends would make this a suppressor instead of a solvent trap.

JR Machine Products – Corn Cob Solvent Trap

JR Machine Products offers a top-notch Corn Cob Solvent Trap that is designed to meet all your cleaning needs. While the ATF has caused some confusion regarding the use of solvent traps for suppressors, it’s important to note that JR Machine does not advertise this as a “Form 1 kit” or imply any use beyond solvent collection. They leave the choice of usage to the end user.

Every solvent trap I’ve come across has been cylindrical in shape, with internal cups for collecting solvents. These traps can be attached to the barrel using either direct thread or a quick-detach mount machined into a muzzle device, such as a flash suppressor or muzzle brake.

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Tech Specs of the JR Machine 6″ Corn Cob Kit

  • 1.5×6″ Corn Cob with a 1.5″ machined internal spacer
  • Tube made of Grade 9 Titanium with 1-7/16×20 threads on one side and 1-3/8×24 on the other
  • Internals include (2) 17-4 H900 SS and (4) Grade 5 Titanium with OD 1.355″ and face diameter .400″
  • Flash hider end cap

Have you ever seen the KAC’s NT-4 suppressor? If so, the JR Corn Cob might look familiar. The Corn Cob takes its name from the NT-4’s nickname and draws aesthetic parallels. The JR Corn Cob can be attached to the barrel using a direct thread mount adaptor or SilencerCo’s ASR pattern mounts. The 6″ Corn Cob is compatible with a single port brake, while the 8″ Corn Cob provides an additional .5″ of space to work with.

SilencerCo's ASR Bravo mount and Single port Brake.

The Quality Engineering of JR Machine

When it comes to evaluating a solvent trap, the build quality is paramount. JR Machine has truly outdone itself in this department. The titanium tube is showcase-worthy, with a flawless layer of cerakote covering the wrapped titanium. The internal cups, which rest on a built-in spacer within the tube, are remarkably smooth, without any burrs or rough edges.

The front endcap of the solvent trap can be unthreaded to allow easy removal of the internal cups. The larger cups are made from 17-4 H900 stainless steel, while the remaining cups are Grade 5 titanium. Once the cups are back in place and the endcap is threaded back on, there is absolutely no play or wiggle room.

Cups, clean as Granny's fine china.

The ASR Mounting System for Ultimate Versatility

JR Machine’s decision to use SilencerCo’s ASR mounting system for their solvent trap was a stroke of genius. This system is widely recognized and adopted by various manufacturers. Its availability and non-proprietary design ensure greater aftermarket longevity. SilencerCo even provided a discounted ASR Bravo adaptor and a single port muzzle brake mount for this article.

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The ASR Bravo adaptor screws into the Corn Cob tube and stays in place. Once the Corn Cob is screwed onto the threads of the muzzle brake, a small locking ring on the ASR Bravo ensures a secure lockup. Whether you’re using the solvent trap or transitioning to a suppressor, the ASR mount offers a well-built and reliable system.

Single Port Brake meets ASR Bravo mount, which provides secure lockup with the tube.

Cleaning Made Easy and Safe

Once the JR Machine Corn Cob Solvent Trap is attached to your barrel, you can confidently clean your gun using your preferred abrasive solvents. The Corn Cob will catch all the liquid, ensuring a leak-free cleaning experience. When you’re ready, you can dispose of the collected liquid safely.

The price of the JR Machine Corn Cob kit, as shown, ranges from $440 to $509. There are also multiple options available for cerakote color and cup porting. Stay tuned for Part 2 of this series, where we’ll delve into the complex world of the National Firearms Act and Form 1 suppressors.

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Author’s note: Rex Nanorum is a gear reviewer, writer, and an Alaskan Expatriate living in Oregon. His background includes serving in the 2nd Bn, 75th Ranger Regt, as well as various adventure pursuits.