A Fiery Twist: Exploring Jack in the Box’s Spicy Cluck Sandwich and Blazin Cluck Sandwich

Jack in the Box Spicy Cluck Sandwich

If you’re a fan of Jack in the Box’s Cluck Sandwich, get ready for a tantalizing update. Introducing the Spicy Cluck Sandwich and its bolder sibling, the Blazin Cluck Sandwich. These fiery additions bring a new level of heat and flavor to the classic Cluck Sandwich lineup. Strap in for a flavor-packed journey as we unravel the secrets behind these sizzling sensations.

What Sets Them Apart?

Let’s kick things off by exploring what sets these two sandwiches apart. According to Jack’s website, the Spicy Cluck Sandwich is an elevated version of the original, boasting a bigger, crispier breading. Topped with Jack’s Good Good Sauce and crunchy pickle chips, it’s nestled on a toasty brioche bun. However, don’t expect an extra kick from a spicy sauce, as it’s the fillet itself that carries the heat.

On the other hand, the Blazin Cluck Sandwich ditches the Good Good Sauce for Jack’s Spicy Good Good Sauce. This swap intensifies the heat while retaining the tangy and peppery flavors of the regular sauce. Unlike its milder counterpart, the Blazin Cluck Sandwich delivers a punchier spice level, although it remains manageable, hovering around a three or four on a scale of ten.

Jack in the Box Blazin Cluck Sandwich

A Tale of Spice

Let’s dive into the taste experience of these two fiery sandwiches. The Spicy Cluck Sandwich, despite its “certified perfection” claim, falls slightly short in terms of spice. While the breading offers a satisfying crunch and the fillet is larger than the original, the heat is rather subdued. The regular Good Good Sauce tempers the spiciness, making it resemble the beloved original Cluck Sandwich.

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On the other hand, the Blazin Cluck Sandwich takes the heat up a few notches. With its vibrant dark orange Spicy Good Good Sauce, this sandwich strikes a fine balance between spice and flavor. The mild heat level, somewhere between a three and four, leaves room for enjoyment without overwhelming the taste buds. Plus, the tanginess of the pickles adds a delightful contrast to the overall experience.

Beyond the Heat

While the Blazin version might not sport jalapeños or boast an apostrophe, it’s a deliberate choice to let the sauce shine through. Packed with flavor and spice, the additional ingredients would have overshadowed the sauce’s unique profile. Jack in the Box knows how to play it cool with the cool kids.

For those seeking an even more indulgent experience, both sandwich variations offer “Deluxe” options. These upgrades swap out the pickles for Swiss-style cheese, onion rings, and bacon, taking your culinary adventure to the next level.

The Verdict

If you’ve been patiently waiting for a spicier Cluck Sandwich, your wait is finally over. While the Spicy Cluck Sandwich falls short in terms of heat, it still delivers an enjoyable experience, staying true to the classic recipe’s appeal. For those seeking a bolder kick, the Blazin Cluck Sandwich strikes an impressive balance between spice and flavor.

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Purchased Price: $6.39 each*
Size: N/A
Rating: 7 out of 10 (Spicy), 8 out of 10 (Blazin)
Nutrition Facts: Numbers not available at publication time.

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(*Prices may vary depending on location.)