Grilled Gluten Free Teriyaki Chicken: A Mouthwatering Delight

Summer nights are made for grilling, and what better way to indulge than with a plate of tangy and moist Gluten Free Teriyaki chicken? Forget the hassle of gluten-free buns and toppings; all you need is some good chicken to satisfy your taste buds. Let’s dive into this delectable recipe that will have you coming back for more!

Is Teriyaki Chicken Gluten Free?

Usually, teriyaki chicken is not gluten-free due to the wheat content in soy sauce. However, you can easily make gluten-free teriyaki chicken by using gluten-free tamari soy sauce or a premade gluten-free teriyaki sauce. For a truly flavorful experience, try the gluten-free teriyaki sauce from San-J.

How to Make Gluten Free Teriyaki Marinade

What Do You Need?

In order to make gluten-free teriyaki marinade, gather the following ingredients:

  • Brown Sugar or Honey
  • Tamari Gluten Free Soy Sauce or Coconut Aminos
  • Crushed Red Pepper Flakes
  • Rice Wine Vinegar
  • Sesame Oil
  • Minced Garlic or Garlic Powder
  • Ground Ginger or Refrigerated Ginger Paste

Whisk these ingredients together in a small bowl to create the marinade. It’s as simple as that! For the best flavor, allow the chicken to marinate for at least 15 minutes before grilling. You can even let it marinate for up to 24 hours for a truly delicious outcome.

How to Make Gluten Free Teriyaki Sauce?

Did you know that the marinade for the chicken can also double as a teriyaki sauce? Simply whisk in 1 ½ teaspoons of cornstarch into the cold or room temperature marinade. Heat the mixture over medium-low heat on the stovetop until it simmers and thickens. Alternatively, you can use tapioca starch or arrowroot starch instead of cornstarch.

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For food safety, it’s recommended to avoid using the liquid that the chicken was marinated in unless it has boiled. To make a gluten-free teriyaki dipping sauce, thicken half of the teriyaki sauce and brush or spoon it over the grilled chicken.

How to Grill Gluten Free Teriyaki Chicken?

After marinating the chicken in the homemade gluten-free teriyaki sauce, preheat your grill. Grill the chicken for approximately 5-7 minutes on one side and about 5 minutes on the other side. Remember to flip the chicken only when it no longer sticks to the grill. To ensure the chicken is fully cooked and safe to eat, ensure it reaches an internal temperature of 165°F.

How to Make Soy-Free Teriyaki Chicken?

If you prefer a soy-free option, substitute soy sauce with coconut aminos. This will give you a similar flavor without the soy ingredients.

Now that your mouth is watering, it’s time to fire up the grill and savor the smoky aroma of this Gluten Free Teriyaki Chicken. For a refreshing beverage to complement your meal, consider indulging in a lavender honey margarita or a cool glass of Sangria. Enjoy your grilling adventure!


1. Is teriyaki chicken gluten-free?

Normal teriyaki chicken is not gluten-free due to the use of soy sauce containing wheat. However, you can make it gluten-free by using gluten-free tamari soy sauce or a premade gluten-free teriyaki sauce.

2. What can I use instead of soy sauce for a soy-free teriyaki chicken?

You can use coconut aminos instead of soy sauce to achieve a similar flavor without soy ingredients.

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Grilled Gluten Free Teriyaki Chicken is a summer grilling essential. With its tangy marinade and smoky flavor, it’s a dish that will leave you craving for more. By using gluten-free tamari soy sauce or a premade gluten-free teriyaki sauce, you can enjoy this classic recipe without worrying about gluten. So, fire up the grill, savor each bite, and relish the delightful taste of Gluten Free Teriyaki Chicken.