The Best Way to Make Mouthwatering Corned Beef and Cabbage

Do me a favor: try this amazing recipe for Corned Beef and Cabbage in either the Instant Pot or the slow cooker. Believe me, you won’t regret it!

An image of slices of corned beef on a white plate with potatoes and carrots in the background on the plate.

Corned Beef and Cabbage

March is a special month for me because I can always count on a delicious serving of corned beef and cabbage. While I didn’t have it much as a child, my time working at an Irish pub in NYC during St. Patrick’s Day changed everything. I made a fortune that day as a cocktail server, but more importantly, I indulged in homemade corned beef all day long.

When I returned home, my mom showed me how to cook corned beef and cabbage in a large dutch oven on the stove. However, to simplify the process, I now prefer making it in a crock pot or instant pot. It’s just as delicious, if not more so! Whichever method you choose, you’ll end up with tender, flavorful corned beef paired perfectly with potatoes, carrots, and that scrumptious cabbage.

An overhead shot of sliced corned beef lined up on a plate surrounded by potatoes, carrots, and onions.

Tips for making perfect slow cooker or instant pot corned beef

  • Cut your veggies into larger chunks to prevent them from breaking down too much during cooking.
  • Don’t throw away the spice packet that comes with your corned beef. It adds great flavor to the dish.
  • If using an instant pot, cook the beef first and then add the vegetables afterward. They cook quickly.
  • For the instant pot, do a natural release for at least 10 minutes for the beef to tenderize properly. Quick release is fine for the veggies.
  • If your slow cooker doesn’t fit all the veggies, you can boil or roast the remaining ones separately.
  • While some caution against using beer in an electric pressure cooker, I’ve done it without issues. However, you can use flat beer if you prefer.
  • Spoon some of the cooking liquid over the corned beef before serving to keep it moist.
  • Sprinkle some apple cider vinegar over the cabbage for an extra zing.
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A close-up image of sliced corned beef surrounded by carrots and potatoes.

Why is corned beef pink?

Corned beef is cured with salt water or sodium nitrate, which gives it a pink color.

What spices are used in corned beef?

Typically, corned beef comes with a spice packet. However, you can easily make your own using pickling spice, whole peppercorns, and a bay leaf. Add it to the liquid or tie it in cheesecloth for easy removal.

Can you reheat corned beef and cabbage?

Absolutely! I usually reheat it in the microwave. You can also make delicious corned beef hash.

How long does corned beef last?

Covered in the refrigerator, corned beef will last 3-4 days.

Which cut of beef is best for corned beef?

You can use the flat brisket or the point. I prefer the flat cut because it’s leaner and easier to slice.

Can you substitute anything for the alcohol?

Yes, simply replace the beer with additional broth.

What should you serve with corned beef and cabbage?

We enjoy our corned beef with a fresh loaf of rye bread and some brown mustard. You could also serve it with Irish soda bread. And don’t forget to sprinkle a little apple cider vinegar on the cabbage!

An overhead shot of sliced corned beef on a white plate with potatoes and carrots in the background on the plate, accompanied by veggies and a bowl of brown mustard.

Ingredients for this corned beef and cabbage recipe:

  • Onion
  • Garlic
  • Beer
  • Low sodium beef broth
  • Corned beef brisket + seasoning packet
  • Carrots
  • Potatoes
  • Green cabbage

Prep ahead:

  • Cut the onion into large chunks.
  • Peel the garlic.
  • Peel and cut the carrots into large chunks.
  • Wash the potatoes.
  • Clean and cut the cabbage into large chunks.

Helpful tools:

  1. Slow cooker
  2. Instant pot
  3. Measuring cups
  4. Chef’s knife
  5. Cutting board
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A large platter of corned beef and cabbage with potatoes and chunks of carrots.

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