How to Create an Irresistible Pepper Steak and Rice with Gravy

Are you ready to take your stir fry game to the next level? Look no further than this delectable Pepper Steak recipe! With its savory sauce and customizable ingredients, it’s a dish that will leave everyone asking for seconds. Plus, it’s a great option for freezing leftovers for future meals. Let’s dive into the details and learn how to create this flavorful masterpiece.

A skillet filled with Pepper Steak in a brown sauce with onions and peppers.

A Classic Favorite: Pepper Steak

When it comes to easy dinner recipes, few can rival the timeless appeal of Pepper Steak. This dish has been a staple for many families, and it’s no wonder why. It combines the best flavors and enhancers to create a symphony of taste that is sure to satisfy even the pickiest of eaters. Whether you prefer to serve it over rice or toss it with stir fry noodles, this recipe is incredibly versatile. And the best part? Leftovers freeze beautifully, making it a convenient option for busy days.

Unveiling the Secrets of the Sauce

The key to this savory pepper steak lies in its mouthwatering sauce. A unique combination of beef and chicken broth adds a depth of flavor that will leave you craving more. Soy sauce and a touch of hot sauce enhance the other ingredients, without overpowering the dish with spiciness. The addition of honey creates a perfect balance of flavors, resulting in a sauce that is both savory and satisfying. A touch of garlic and ground ginger adds subtle hints of complexity, while a cornstarch slurry thickens the sauce to perfection. The best part? You probably have all these ingredients already in your pantry!

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The Cooking Process Unveiled

To bring this dish to life, start by tenderizing the steak and slicing it into thin strips. Season the meat and give it a good toss to coat it evenly. Heat some olive oil in a skillet and sear the meat in batches, creating a delicious caramelized crust. Once cooked, remove the meat and let it rest while you deglaze the pan with white wine or chicken broth. This step adds an extra layer of flavor to the dish. Add onions and peppers to the skillet and let them soften, infusing the sauce with their natural sweetness.

Next, it’s time to add the sauce. Bring it to a boil and let it simmer for a few minutes to allow the flavors to meld together. Stir in the cornstarch slurry, which will thicken the sauce to your desired consistency. Finally, add the seared steak back into the skillet, stirring to combine and heat it through. Now, it’s time to plate your masterpiece and serve it with fluffy rice.

Strip steak on a plate after being tenderized and thinly sliced for Pepper Steak.

Pro Tips for Perfection

To ensure your Pepper Steak turns out absolutely perfect, here are some pro tips to keep in mind:

  • Slice the meat against the grain for tender results.
  • Consider using low sodium soy sauce and broth to control the sodium levels in the dish.
  • The hot sauce in this recipe isn’t intended to make it spicy, but rather to enhance the other flavors. Frank’s Hot Sauce is a great option.
  • If you prefer not to use wine, you can deglaze the pan with an equal amount of chicken broth.
  • For a twist, you can add stir fry noodles or thin spaghetti to the sauce instead of serving it with rice.
  • While it may seem unusual to use both chicken and beef broth, it adds a delightful depth of flavor. However, you can use all beef broth if you prefer.
  • Consider sautéing mushrooms separately and stirring them into the dish at the end for an extra burst of flavor.
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Storage and Kitchen Essentials

If you’re lucky enough to have leftovers, store them in an airtight container and refrigerate for up to three days, or freeze them for up to three months. This convenient option allows you to enjoy the mouthwatering flavors of Pepper Steak even on your busiest days.

A white plate with Pepper Steak in a brown sauce next to white rice.

To create this culinary masterpiece, you’ll need a few essential tools:

  • 3-Quart Stainless Steel Sauté Pan: The perfect size for cooking this recipe.
  • Meat Tenderizer: This tool will help make the meat more tender.
  • 8-inch Chef’s Knife: A high-quality knife is key for precise slicing.
  • Cutting Boards: Having different sizes of cutting boards is useful for separating ingredients.
  • Rubbermaid Containers with Lids: These containers are great for combining cornstarch and cold water.
  • Better Than Bouillon: This product makes preparing broth a breeze, offering customizability and convenience.

Ready to Try More?

If you loved this Pepper Steak recipe, you’ll be thrilled to discover these other delicious options. They will take your culinary skills to new heights and add variety to your weekly menu.

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Remember, cooking is an art that allows you to unleash your creativity. Don’t be afraid to experiment with different techniques or ingredients to make this Pepper Steak recipe uniquely yours. Enjoy every bite and savor the flavors of this sensational dish!

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