A Mouthwatering Recipe: Grilled Veal Steaks with Mojo Marinade

Are you craving a tender and succulent meal that bursts with flavor? Look no further than these grilled veal steaks with mojo marinade. Veal is known for its lean and tender qualities, making it the perfect choice for a quick and delicious main course. This recipe infuses the veal with a citrusy and garlicky adobo marinade, resulting in a juicy and savory dish that will leave your taste buds craving more. So fire up the grill and get ready to indulge in a culinary delight!

Types of Veal Steaks and Cuts

Veal offers a variety of cuts to suit every preference. Loin and rib chops are popular choices due to their lean and flavorful nature. They require minimal preparation and are best enjoyed when cooked simply. For a delectable option, try grilled veal chops with a garlic and herb crust. Other cuts, such as those from the calves breast or leg in cutlet form, are also commonly used. Veal flank steaks, although less popular, are equally delicious. Blade chops, veal shanks, shoulder roasts, and stew meat offer robust flavors but may require longer cooking times due to their tougher texture. If you’re looking for versatility, ground veal can be used to create tender meatballs or blended with other meats for a gourmet meatloaf or pâté.

The Versatile Veal Flank

Intrigued by these petite veal flank fillets, I decided to explore their potential in the kitchen. These fine-grained steaks, about 1/2″ thick and 8-9 inches in length, called for a delicate approach. Instead of overpowering them with a heavy sauce, I opted for a light and zesty marinade known as mojo criollo. This classic Cuban recipe combines citrus, garlic, chiles, cumin, and herbs to create a tantalizing flavor profile that elevates the veal to new heights.

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Marinating and Grilling the Veal

To infuse the veal with the mouthwatering flavors of the mojo marinade, place the steaks in a zip-top storage bag and add approximately 3/4 cup of the marinade. Reserve half a cup for drizzling and dipping later. Let the veal marinate for 20 minutes, allowing the flavors to penetrate the meat. After marinating, remove the veal flank steaks from the marinade and pat them dry with paper towels. This step ensures that the steaks grill to perfection instead of steaming.

Now, it’s time to grill! Preheat the grill to medium-high heat (around 400° to 450°). Place the steaks on the grill and resist the temptation to fuss with them. Let them cook undisturbed for 4-6 minutes before flipping and cooking for an additional 4-5 minutes. Once cooked, transfer the steaks to a cutting board and let them rest for about 5 minutes. This crucial step allows the juices to redistribute throughout the meat, ensuring a juicy and tender bite.

Perfect Pairings and Alternative Cooking Methods

Grilled veal steaks are versatile and pair well with various side dishes. Consider serving them with options such as black bean and rice salad, turmeric pearl couscous with pine nuts, or braised white beans with kale and tomatoes. If you don’t have access to a grill, fear not! You can achieve similar results by pan-grilling the steaks on a stovetop. Simply use a well-seasoned cast iron skillet or grill pan to sear the veal to your desired doneness.

Slicing and Serving the Veal Steaks

To ensure maximum tenderness, it’s crucial to slice the veal steak properly. Look for the natural lines in the meat (not the grill marks) to identify the grain. To create a tender and easy-to-chew steak, slice the veal across the grain, breaking up those lines. Cut the grilled veal into 1/2″ slices and transfer them to a serving platter. For an extra burst of flavor, drizzle the sliced veal with a little extra mojo criollo and serve the marinade on the side for dipping.

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A Flavorful Culinary Adventure

Veal offers a unique flavor that is milder than beef, making it a lighter option without sacrificing taste. This grilled veal flank steak recipe delivers tender, juicy, and flavorful results that will leave your taste buds begging for more. The mojo marinade infuses the meat with irresistible garlic and citrus flavors, creating a truly memorable dining experience. So try this recipe for yourself and discover the magic of grilled veal. Bon appétit!

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