The Perfect Guide to Cooking Canned Corn

Canned vegetables have become a staple in every kitchen due to their long shelf life and convenience. One of the most versatile and easy-to-cook options is canned corn. Whether you need a quick side dish or want to incorporate corn into various recipes, canned corn is a game-changer.

The Easiest Way to Cook Canned Corn

Cooking canned corn is a breeze and takes just a few minutes on the stovetop. You can season it with butter and salt or get creative with your favorite blend of seasonings. This simple recipe is perfect for those busy nights when you need a healthy and delicious side dish on the table in no time.

top down view of a saucepan filled with canned corn

Let me show you how to cook canned corn in a way that will make it a family favorite. Trust me, it’s as easy as it gets!

Why You Should Make This Recipe

  • Health Benefits: Corn is rich in vitamins, including vitamin C and vitamin B.
  • Quick and Easy: In just a few minutes, you can enjoy piping hot corn.
  • Affordable: Canned corn is budget-friendly, and you don’t need many additional ingredients to cook it.
  • Versatility: Whether you want to use it in soups, salads, pasta sauces, or corn fritters, canned corn is incredibly versatile.

the ingredients for how to cook canned corn

How to Cook Canned Corn

To make this super simple corn side dish, follow these easy steps:

  1. Open the can of corn and drain out the liquid.
  2. Pour the corn kernels into a skillet or saucepan, add water, butter, and salt, and bring to a simmer over medium heat.
  3. Reduce the heat to low and simmer the corn for a couple of minutes until it’s warmed through.
  4. Before serving, taste for seasoning and add more salt or pepper as desired.
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image collage showing the steps for how to cook canned corn

Pro Tips for Perfectly Cooked Corn

  • Opt for canned sweet corn to ensure the best flavor.
  • If you’re using frozen corn instead of canned, follow the same cooking method but allow for a few extra minutes of cooking time.
  • For extra flavor, use chicken broth instead of water.
  • Season your corn with salt, pepper, and other herbs and spices to elevate its taste.
  • Avoid overcooking the corn to prevent it from becoming chewy.
  • Remember to drain any excess water before serving.

Delicious Variations to Try

Why stick to plain corn when you can experiment with different flavors? Here are some tasty variations:

  • Make It Spicy: Add a kick to your canned corn by adding chopped jalapenos, red pepper flakes, or cayenne pepper.
  • Make It Cheesy: Sprinkle parmesan cheese or stir in cream cheese for a deliciously cheesy twist.
  • Add More Seasonings: Get creative by incorporating red pepper flakes, smoked paprika, fresh parsley, lemon juice, red onions, or even a hint of sugar.

Prep, Storage, and Serving Suggestions

  • Prep Ahead: There’s no need to prep – simply grab a can of sweet corn kernels for a quick and tasty side.
  • Store: Leftover corn can be refrigerated for up to four days.
  • Freeze: Avoid freezing thoroughly cooked corn as it may become mushy.
  • Reheat: Warm up your corn in a small saucepan on the stovetop or in the microwave using a microwave-safe container.

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close up view of the finished how to cook canned corn recipe


Now that you know how to cook canned corn to perfection, it’s time to get cooking. This simple and versatile side dish will become a go-to option for busy nights or when you need to whip up something delicious in no time. Enjoy the flavor-packed goodness of canned corn and explore the endless possibilities it brings to your meals.