The Perfect Way to Grill a Tomahawk Steak

Are you looking to elevate your grilling game? Look no further than the sous vide method for cooking your Tomahawk steak. By following these simple steps, you can achieve a perfectly cooked steak every single time. Say goodbye to overcooked or unevenly cooked steaks and say hello to tender, juicy, and mouthwatering flavor.

Prepare for Perfection

To begin, preheat your water bath by filling your sous vide container with warm water and setting the sous vide device to the appropriate temperature for your desired doneness. For a rare steak, set the device to 125°F, while a medium-rare steak requires 129°F. If you prefer a medium doneness, set it to 135°F, and for a medium-well steak, set it to 145°F.

Our Tomahawk steaks come vacuum-sealed in sous-vide-ready packaging, making them convenient and easy to cook. However, if you prefer to repackage your steaks at home, we recommend seasoning them with our Kansas City Steak Original Steak Seasoning for an extra burst of flavor. Another option is to add fresh herbs and our Kansas City Steak Finishing Butter to elevate the taste even further. Once you’ve thawed the steaks and brought them to room temperature, you’re ready to start cooking.

Let’s Get Cooking

Ensure that the water bath has reached the desired temperature before adding the steak. Gently place the packaged steak into the water bath and let it cook for the recommended amount of time based on your preferred degree of doneness. For a rare or medium-rare steak, cook it for approximately 2 and a half hours. If you prefer a medium or medium-well steak, the cooking time remains the same.

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Once the steaks have finished cooking, carefully remove them from the sous vide and take them out of the packaging. Preheat a skillet over high heat for about 5 minutes. A sizzling hot skillet is key to achieving the perfect sear. Lightly coat the bottom of the skillet with a high smoke point oil, such as avocado oil, canola oil, or grapeseed oil. Place the steaks in the skillet and sear each side for approximately 2 minutes. Keep an eye on the internal temperature, ensuring it reaches your desired final doneness according to the Measuring Doneness Chart.

The sear will not only give your steaks a rich golden-brown color but also enhance their flavor, reminiscent of a traditional grilled steak. Once seared to perfection, serve the steaks immediately. Unlike other cooking methods, the low heat used in sous vide locks in the juices, eliminating the need for additional resting time.

For an extra flavor boost, we recommend topping your ribeye steak with our Kansas City Steak Finishing Butter. This will add a savory touch that perfectly complements the juicy, tender meat.

So, why settle for anything less than perfection? Use the sous vide method to cook your Tomahawk steak and experience the ultimate grilling sensation. Try it today and savor the taste of culinary excellence.

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