Harmony Steak House: A Dream Come True

Ren Yang, a seasoned veteran in the restaurant industry, has finally brought his dream to life with the opening of Harmony Steak House. Despite the challenges posed by the pandemic, Ren Yang’s determination and passion have driven him to provide quality food and service to the community.

A Risk Worth Taking

With over two decades of experience in various roles within the restaurant industry, Ren Yang knew that Harmony Steak House would be his greatest project yet. Even as the pandemic led to the closure of countless establishments, Ren chose to persevere, fueled by his unwavering dedication. “We had no choice but to take the risk,” he recalls. “This has been something we had been working on for almost two years.”

Spreading the Word

To introduce the restaurant to the local community and boost sales, Ren decided to open Harmony Steak House on Christmas Day for lunch and dinner. He wanted people to experience the excellent food and service his establishment had to offer. Despite the challenging times, Ren remains hopeful that sales will improve soon. “We want people to know that we serve good food, good quality,” he emphasizes.

Harmony Steakhouse

A Lifelong Dream

Ren’s journey in the restaurant industry began when he and his parents moved to the United States from China in 2001. Ren’s father was a cook, and together, they shared the dream of building something of their own. After years of hard work, they accomplished just that. Ren’s father now owns a restaurant in Florida, while Ren himself has opened several successful establishments throughout Indiana.

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A Stepping Stone to Success

Ren’s move to Indiana in 2015 presented an opportunity for him to assist in managing Koto Japanese Steakhouse in Carmel. This position paved the way for Ren to open two other restaurants in Castleton: Meet Noodles, a popular ramen noodle shop, and Tsaocaa, known for its bubble tea. Ren also owns Poke-Man, a poke bowl shop in Merrillville. However, Harmony Steak House is by far his most ambitious undertaking.

Harmony Roll

Navigating Challenging Times

Since the start of the pandemic, Ren has experienced a significant decline in sales across his other restaurants, leading to difficult decisions and staff reductions. Unfortunately, this is a reality faced by many others in the industry as well. According to a survey by the National Restaurant Association, thousands of restaurants have closed permanently or long-term, leaving millions of employees jobless and resulting in billions of dollars in lost sales.

Optimism for the Future

On Christmas Day, only a handful of tables were occupied at Harmony Steak House, indicating the challenging road ahead. Nevertheless, Ren remains optimistic and eagerly anticipates what the future holds. “This is our dream restaurant,” he states enthusiastically. “We’ve poured our heart and soul into this project, and we hope that sales will pick up in the coming year as people start feeling more comfortable eating out.”

The restaurant boasts an array of features, including a sushi bar, 14 Hibachi dinner tables, a spacious patio, and a versatile dining area perfect for private events. The menu offers an enticing selection of dishes, such as ramen and udon noodle soups, flavorful teriyaki entrees, fresh salads, and kid-friendly options. Customers can conveniently place orders for curbside pickup through HarmonySteakHouse.com.

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While challenges persist, Ren Yang’s unwavering dedication and passion for his craft shine through. Harmony Steak House stands as a testament to his lifelong dream and serves as a beacon of hope for a brighter future in the restaurant industry.

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