The Enchanting Gold Laced Polish Chicken

Welcome to the world of fun and funky chickens! The Gold Laced Polish Chicken is a breed that is bound to captivate you with its unique pattern and charming demeanor. Whether they have frizzle feathers or smooth feathers, these Polish Chickens are a pleasure to have in your flock.

A Calm and Chatty Companion

Polish Chickens are known for their calm and docile nature, making them ideal for urban or confined living spaces. The hens are quite chatty, while the roosters are mostly friendly. This breed can be great companions, especially for children. With their abundance of character, Polish Chickens are perfect for smaller gardens and make great pets.

Choosing the Right Flock

While Polish Chickens are gentle and docile, they can be bullied by more aggressive and larger breeds. To ensure their happiness, we recommend keeping them with other gentle breeds or with other crested friends in the flock. When selecting your birds, it’s best to pick another friend with similar characteristics to create a harmonious environment.

Growing Up With Care

Gold Laced Polish Chickens are slower to develop, much like many heritage breeds. We treat them as we would bantams, providing a heat source and higher protein feed for a longer period of time. This extra care allows them to thrive and ensures their well-being.

Ornamental Birds With Benefits

Not only are Gold Laced Polish Chickens visually stunning, but they also have practical qualities. Hens can lay around 120 medium-sized white eggs each year, making them a productive addition to your flock. Despite being considered ornamental birds, they offer both aesthetic appeal and utility.

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Crest Care and Vision

One thing to keep in mind with Polish Chickens is the maintenance of their crests. These unique head adornments can sometimes restrict their vision, leading to startled behavior. To help them see properly, consider putting their crest in a ponytail or giving it a small trim. If you allow them to free-range, trimming their crest is highly recommended.

Health Matters

Polish Chickens, like many poultry breeds, are susceptible to Marek’s Disease, a deadly and incurable chicken disease. To ensure the safety and well-being of our birds and customers, we vaccinate all our chicks against this disease. Our Gold Laced Polish Chickens are lovingly raised and fed a non-GMO diet.

Recommended Feeding

When it comes to feeding your Gold Laced Polish Chickens, we recommend starting them with Sugar Feather Farm chick starter for the first 3 weeks (longer for Polish, Serama, and Silkie breeds). After that, you can switch to our Chicken Grower feed until they reach maturation. Once they start laying, transition them to Sugar Feather Farm Adult Feed for optimal nutrition.

A Glimpse into History

The Poland or Polish Chicken may have a misleading name, but it is one of the oldest poultry breeds. The reference to “Polled” actually pertains to the crested poll that distinguishes the breed. Poland fowl made their debut in the first London poultry show in 1845 and were officially standardized in 1865. Polish Chickens are even listed in the APA Standard of Perfection.

The Ultimate Conversation Starter

In conclusion, the Gold Laced Polish Chicken is a breed that will bring joy, laughter, and conversation to your life. With their quirky, friendly, and sometimes clumsy nature, they are guaranteed to put a smile on your face. These eye-catching birds are a true delight and never fail to captivate visitors to our farm.

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