Juicy Garlic Sauce for Perfect Pork Chops

Pork chops are often overlooked in the world of dinner dishes, and it’s time to change that! They are not only quick to cook but also budget-friendly and incredibly versatile. Today, we’re going to elevate these unsung heroes by pairing them with a rich and flavorful garlic sauce that will take your taste buds on a journey.

Garlic sauce for pork chops

Preparing the Pork Chops

When it comes to this recipe, bone-in pork chops are the way to go. The bone adds extra juiciness to the meat, making it incredibly tender. However, if boneless chops are what you have on hand, they will work just fine.

Tips for Preparing Pork Chops

To achieve perfectly cooked pork chops, keep in mind these essential tips:

  • Allow the pork chops to come to room temperature before cooking. This ensures even cooking throughout.
  • Pat the pork chops dry with paper towels to remove excess moisture, allowing them to caramelize properly.
  • Generously season the pork chops with salt and black pepper for delicious flavor.

If the strip of fat on your pork chops is thick, consider scoring it with small slits. This will prevent the fat from shrinking and causing the chops to curl up during cooking.

Steps for preparing pork chops

Cooking the Pork Chops

To achieve perfect pork chops, treat them like you would a steak. Heat your pan until it’s really hot, as this ensures a caramelized exterior without overcooking the inside. A cast iron skillet works wonders for this recipe.

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Basting the Pork Chops

Basting the pork chops in butter is a fantastic way to keep them moist and infuse them with incredible flavor. Enhance the buttery goodness by adding rosemary, thyme, and garlic to create a herb-infused delight.

Searing the Fat

Rendering down the fat is a crucial step that transforms the texture and flavor of the chops. It also serves as the foundation for the sauce. Make sure to sear the strip of fat to enhance the overall taste.

Steps for pan-frying pork chops

Mouthwatering Garlic Sauce for Pork Chops

Once the pork chops have been removed from the pan, you’ll be left with a pan full of delicious flavor. This will be the base for your incredible garlic sauce.

Deglazing the Pan

To fully capture all the flavor, fry shallots and garlic in the leftover butter and fat. The moisture from these ingredients will help lift the flavorful bits stuck to the pan. A splash of white wine will elevate the taste and cut through the richness of the sauce. Make sure to let the wine reduce to burn off the alcohol.

Once the pan is deglazed, create the sauce by adding chicken stock, cream, and a dash of wholegrain mustard. Simmer everything until it thickens to perfection.

Steps for making garlic cream sauce for pork

Serving the Perfect Pork Chops and Garlic Sauce

Pair your succulent pork chops and garlic sauce with your favorite side dishes. Green beans and mashed potatoes are classic choices, but feel free to get creative with your own favorites.

Pork chops with garlic sauce

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