Elevate Your Steak with Delicious Garlic Herb Steak Butter

Are you looking to take your steak game to the next level? Look no further than this incredible Garlic Herb Steak Butter! In just a few minutes, you can whip up a delectable compound butter that will add a burst of flavor to not only your steak but a variety of other dishes as well. And the best part? It’s perfectly suitable for those following a low carb, keto, or gluten-free diet.

Close up of pats of garlic herb steak butter on a white background

The Magic of Garlic Herb Steak Butter

The secret behind this recipe lies in the combination of rich butter, fresh garlic, and fragrant herbs. These ingredients infuse the perfectly cooked steak with incredible depth of flavor. But that’s not all – this versatile butter can be made ahead of time and even frozen, allowing you to enjoy it whenever you desire. Plus, don’t limit yourself to just steak! Leftover butter can be spread on bread, added to potatoes, scrambled eggs, or even tossed with a variety of vegetables.

Crafting the Perfect Garlic Herb Steak Butter


Before you begin, make sure to set the butter out ahead of time to allow it to come to room temperature. This simple step will make it much easier to blend. While you’re waiting, finely mince the garlic and parsley.


Now it’s time to unleash your culinary creativity. Simply combine the butter, minced garlic, and parsley in a small bowl. Mash the ingredients together with a fork until well combined.

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To serve, you can either leave the butter as is or shape it into a log for a more elegant presentation. Place the butter onto a piece of plastic wrap, cover it, and roll it into a log. Then, refrigerate or freeze it until firm. When you’re ready to indulge, slice the log into pats of butter and arrange them on a small serving dish.

Compound butter shaped into a rabbit shape using silicone candy molds

Alternatively, if you’re feeling adventurous, try forming the butter into various shapes using silicone candy molds. Once firm, gently pop out the shapes and place them on a serving plate. It adds a touch of whimsy to any meal!

The Finishing Touch

Now that your mouth-watering Garlic Herb Steak Butter is ready, it’s time to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Simply top a hot steak with a pat of this luscious butter and let it slowly melt, creating a succulent sauce. And don’t forget, this butter is not just for steaks! It adds an amazing flavor punch to your favorite vegetables as well.

Tips and Techniques for the Best Garlic Herb Steak Butter

To ensure the ultimate culinary experience, keep these tips in mind:

  • Use fresh garlic and parsley for the most vibrant flavor.
  • Allow the butter to come to room temperature for easy blending.
  • If you’re feeling creative, use silicone candy molds to shape the butter into fun shapes.
  • Store any leftover butter tightly covered in the refrigerator and use within two weeks.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • Can you freeze steak butter? Absolutely! Simply wrap the butter tightly and freeze it for up to six months. Just remember to thaw it in the refrigerator before using.
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This article was originally published on April 16, 2018, and has been updated with new images, detailed instructions, helpful tips, techniques, and frequently asked questions.