Smokin’ BBQ with Rowdy Hog: Unlocking the Magic of Instant Pot Frozen Corned Beef

If you’re a fan of tender, flavorful meat that practically melts in your mouth, then you’re in for a treat with Instant Pot frozen corned beef. The best part? This mouthwatering dish can be made in a variety of pressure cookers, including the Ninja Foodi and Crockpot Express pot. So, get ready to embark on a culinary adventure that will leave you craving more!

The Beauty of Ninja Foodi Frozen Corned Beef

No matter which pressure cooker brand you own, this recipe is a winner. Whether it’s the Crockpot Express, Mealthy, or the versatile Ninja Foodi, rest assured that you’ll achieve optimal results. And who doesn’t love succulent, fork-tender corned beef that retains its moisture? With these pressure cookers, you’ll achieve perfection every time.

Freezing Corned Beef: Yes, You Can!

If you’ve ever wondered whether corned beef can be frozen, the answer is a resounding “yes!” Picture this: it’s after St. Patrick’s Day, and you stumble upon unbelievably low prices on corned beef. You snag a few for a steal, but what do you do with them? The solution is simple: freeze them! Just like the butcher who assured you that freezing is the norm, you too can freeze corned beef for later use.

The Tale of Flat Cut and Point Cut

When it comes to corned beef, there are two types: flat cut and point cut. While the differences may not be obvious at first glance, trust me when I say that they make all the difference. The flat cut, which is slightly more expensive, is worth every extra penny. With its uniform thickness and additional fat, it guarantees an unbeatable flavor and moisture. On the other hand, the point cut is shaped as the name suggests, tapering into a thin point with minimal fat. For the moistest, most delicious corned beef, the flat cut is the clear winner.

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A Journey from Frozen to Flavorful

Cooking frozen meat differs from cooking fresh meat, mainly due to the increased cooking time. For this reason, we recommend excluding vegetables from the cooking process. Another noteworthy aspect is the texture of the liquid inside the bag. Once defrosted, it may resemble gelatin. Don’t fret, though – a quick rinse will take care of that minor inconvenience.

Unleashing the Magic of Instant Pot Frozen Corned Beef

With an additional 30 minutes of cooking time, you’ll witness the transformation of frozen corned beef into a culinary masterpiece. Tender, juicy, and bursting with flavor, this dish is truly a feast for the senses. While the original method called for using potatoes as trivets, we suggest preparing roasted potatoes in the air fryer as a side dish. And to complement your corned beef, nothing beats the scrumptious pressure cooker fried cabbage.

To achieve perfection, gather the following ingredients:

  • Frozen beef brisket (with the spice packet)
  • Beer, broth, or a combination with water
  • Optional: minced garlic

If you decide to add red potatoes to the mix, be mindful of their placement. Instead of resting them on top of the meat, position them higher up to ensure they cook at a slower pace, retaining their integrity.

The Grand Finale: Relishing the Fruits of Your Labor

Once your corned beef is cooked to perfection, it’s time to savor the mouthwatering results. Carefully remove the beef from the Instant Pot and slice it on a cutting board. As you indulge in each succulent bite, consider pairing it with air fryer cabbage or slow cooker mashed potatoes for a complete, unforgettable meal.

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The Aftermath: More Culinary Delights Await

Even if you have some leftovers, fear not! Corned beef has incredible staying power. Store any remaining slices in a sealable baggie, refrigerating them for use in future meals. Whether you warm them up with gravy or transform them into mouthwatering corned beef hash, the possibilities are endless. Our personal favorite is using the leftovers to create a delectable corned beef soup, reminiscent of cozy family gatherings during the holidays. So, be sure to explore all the culinary wonders that await you!

Rowdy Hog Smokin BBQ

Embark on an epicurean journey of flavors with Rowdy Hog Smokin BBQ and experience the magic of Instant Pot frozen corned beef.