The Ultimate Guide to Enjoying Liver! (Without the Taste or Fuss)

When it comes to transitioning to a traditional diet, some changes are easier than others. Switching from refined sugar to natural sweeteners like raw honey or pure maple syrup? Piece of cake. Making bone broth? A walk in the park. Incorporating more butter and coconut oil into your meals? No problem at all!

But liver… Well, that’s a whole other story. While liver is a favorite among real food enthusiasts, let’s be honest – it’s an acquired taste. However, the incredible amount of bioavailable nutrients in liver makes it a crucial component for addressing nutritional deficiencies. So, how can we make it more palatable and enjoyable?

The Power of Bioavailable Vitamin A

Did you know that liver is the highest natural source of bioavailable vitamin A? Despite popular belief, we need to consume vitamin A from animal sources like liver. The vitamin A found in vegetables like carrots is actually carotene, which needs to be converted to retinol in our bodies before it can be utilized. This conversion process is extremely inefficient, especially for children and individuals with thyroid disorders. On the other hand, the vitamin A in liver is already in the form of retinol, making it readily available for our bodies to use.

Not only does liver provide bioavailable vitamin A, but it also plays a crucial role in repairing hormonal damage, particularly for those with thyroid deficiencies. Additionally, it supports liver health and detoxification. No wonder traditional cultures revered liver as a sacred food, especially for promoting fertility among couples trying to conceive.

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Liver even contains an unidentified “anti-fatigue factor.” This was demonstrated in a well-known animal study where liver consumption prevented rats from exhaustion, even after swimming for two straight hours. That’s the kind of natural energy boost we all could use!

Exploring Tasty Liver Alternatives

For those who struggle to stomach liver on its own, there are creative ways to incorporate its benefits into your diet. Homemade pate is a popular option. By combining liver with copious amounts of butter and caramelized onions, you can effectively mask the “minerally” taste. Another trick is to grind up a pastured chicken liver and mix it into ground beef to make flavorful meatballs, using plenty of seasonings like garlic to further disguise the liver taste.

But perhaps the best way to enjoy the healing properties of liver is through liver pills!

Homemade Liver Pills: A No-Fuss Solution

Imagine being able to reap the benefits of liver without having to taste it. With homemade liver pills, this dream becomes a reality. By swallowing a couple of these “pills” with every meal, you can easily incorporate liver into your diet without any fuss. What’s more, because the liver used is raw, all the enzymes and nutrients are at their most potent. While cooked liver still provides nutrients to your body, certain delicate vitamins, like certain B vitamins, may be diminished through cooking.

To ensure the freshness and quality of your liver, opt for pastured chicken livers sourced from a local farmer who freezes them immediately after butchering. Remember, liver should only be consumed if it comes from pasture-raised animals. Supermarket liver from conventionally farmed animals is best avoided.

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Desiccated Liver Capsules: The Convenient Option

If making homemade liver pills doesn’t appeal to you or you don’t have access to pastured liver, don’t worry. There’s a convenient alternative – desiccated liver capsules. These capsules contain grass-fed beef liver sourced according to strict standards. Gram for gram, desiccated liver offers more valuable nutrients than any other food. Simply take 2-4 capsules per day for an easy way to incorporate liver into your routine.

So, whether you choose to make homemade liver pills or opt for desiccated liver capsules, there are plenty of ways to enjoy the incredible benefits of liver without the taste or fuss. Start incorporating liver into your diet regularly and reap the rewards of its nutrient-rich profile. After all, who said healthy eating couldn’t be delicious too?

Do you have a favorite way to enjoy liver? Share your liver-loving recipes and tips in the comments below!

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