The True Cost of Beef Tenderloin: How to Shop Smart and Indulge

What Is a Good Price for Tenderloin Steak

The tenderloin steak, often known as Filet Mignon, is a delicacy that melts in your mouth, surpassing all other cuts. Slicing through this piece of meat is akin to effortlessly cutting through a stick of butter! However, this tenderness comes with a hefty price tag. But don’t worry, I’m here to educate you on how to find the best deals on tenderloin steaks, ensuring you can enjoy this premium cut without breaking the bank. Prepare for a culinary adventure that treats both your taste buds and your wallet.

Unveiling the Tenderloin Steak

Unlike other steak cuts with complicated histories and multiple names, the tenderloin steak is a straightforward delight. It is cut from the tenderloin of a cow, a muscle that remains tender due to its limited use. Its long and slender shape contributes to its smaller size, sparing you the thought of a T-bone-sized tenderloin and the subsequent astronomical cost. With minimal fat content, tenderloin steaks are often wrapped in bacon to provide additional flavor and prevent them from drying out during cooking.

You may also find pieces of tenderloin in other cuts. For instance, the T-bone steak possesses a small section of tenderloin on one side of the bone, and the Porterhouse steak boasts an even larger portion of this coveted meat.

Deciphering the Cost

To determine the cost of a tenderloin steak, I scoured various stores in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Here’s a breakdown of the prices I found:

  • Meijer: $19.99/lb
  • Whole Foods Market: $29.99/lb
  • Trader Joe’s: $17.99/lb
  • Trader Joe’s (Center Cut): $23.99/lb
  • Costco (Choice): $14.49/lb
  • Costco (Choice Peeled, Whole): $19.99/lb
  • Costco (Choice, Whole): $11.59/lb
  • Costco (Prime, Whole): $14.29/lb
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The Quest for the Perfect Price

When it comes to finding the ideal price for tenderloin steak, Costco reigns supreme. Not only can you purchase whole tenderloins and cut them yourself, but you can also save even more by taking advantage of post-holiday inventory clearance sales. Costco offers USDA Prime grade tenderloin at more affordable prices, making it a superior option compared to Whole Foods, where prices skyrocket to $29.99/lb for a comparable cut.

Trader Joe’s also offers center cut tenderloin at a slightly higher price, but the premium doesn’t necessarily translate into a remarkable difference in taste. Spending an extra $5 per pound for a visually appealing steak may not be the best investment.

Mastering the Art of Cutting

Cutting your own tenderloin steaks is a skill worth acquiring, especially with this premium cut. Without any bones to fuss over, your main task is removing the silver skin—a tough, silver-colored layer that detracts from the eating experience. Check out the video below to learn the art of silver skin removal:

How to Remove Silver Skin from Tenderloin Steaks

Unleashing Culinary Excellence

Cooking a tenderloin steak requires a high heat, fast-paced approach. Due to its lean nature, the steak can quickly dry out if not cooked promptly. For thicker cuts, searing both sides before finishing in the oven ensures a succulent result. However, thinner steaks can be cooked directly without the extra step.

Personally, I enjoy my tenderloin steak adorned with plenty of freshly cracked pepper. Each side of the steak gets a generous dip in a bowl filled with kosher salt and black pepper, leaving the meat beautifully coated. Remember to cook your tenderloin steak to no more than medium-rare, as its delicacy requires a swift cooking process.

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Ordering Steaks Online

If you’re looking to buy steaks online, either for yourself or a lucky recipient, the options are plentiful. Among the abundance of choices, I highly recommend exploring the offerings from the Chicago Steak Company. Here’s why:

  1. The Chicago Steak Company provides prime or top-choice steaks, including tenderloin steaks, renowned for their superior quality. These steaks are wet-aged or dry-aged, elevating their flavor profile.
  2. The Steak University site offered by the Chicago Steak Company serves as an invaluable resource for steak enthusiasts, providing a wealth of knowledge on everything steak-related.

Keep an eye out for irresistible deals, like free shipping or free steak burgers, particularly during special occasions such as Father’s Day. Treat yourself or a loved one to the exceptional steaks from the Chicago Steak Company.

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To experience an entrancing combination of tenderness and flavor, look no further than the tenderloin steak. By following our guide, you can savor this culinary masterpiece without compromising your budget. Prepare to revel in the exquisite taste of perfectly cooked tenderloin, made possible through strategic shopping and culinary finesse.

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