Unlock the Secrets of Smoked Corned Beef Brisket

This St. Patrick’s Day, take your culinary skills to the next level with a tantalizing recipe for smoked Corned Beef Brisket. Prepare to be amazed as we guide you through the steps to achieve the most delectable and tender corned beef you’ve ever tasted.

Smoking Corned Beef: A Revelation in Flavor

By utilizing a pellet grill, you can ensure that your Corned Beef Brisket is cooked to perfection every single time. With just three simple ingredients – beef brisket, black pepper, and light beer – this recipe delivers a burst of flavor while being quick and easy to prepare. And, of course, don’t forget to serve this mouthwatering corned beef with delightful accompaniments like Roasted Potatoes and Everything Cabbage!

Why Opt for Smoked Corned Beef?

If you’re anything like us, you know that a touch of smokiness can elevate any dish to new heights of flavor. Smoked corned beef retains all the traditional flavors you love, with an added depth that can only be achieved through the use of a pellet grill or smoker. And the best part? Smoking corned beef is a breeze! Simply prep it, place it in the smoker with a temperature probe, and let it cook while you go about your day. No need to constantly tend to a fire or fuss over temperature checks. Just set it, forget it, and get ready to savor a delectable dinner.

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Ingredients for Smoked Corned Beef

  • Corned Beef: Look for a brisket flat section if you prefer thin slices, or a brisket point section if you prefer fatty shredded corned beef.
  • Coarse Black Pepper: 16 mesh black pepper is the preferred size, as recommended by renowned chef Arron Franklin.
  • Beer: Choose your favorite beer, such as a stout for added body and flavor.

Choosing the Perfect Corned Beef Cut

For a lean and uniformly sliced corned beef brisket, select portions that have been trimmed down from a larger piece, typically weighing between 3 to 6 pounds. This eliminates the need for extensive pre-cooking trimming. However, it’s advisable to remove any oddly shaped pieces or excess fat before cooking.

Customize Your Seasoning

If you don’t have a seasoning packet or want to experiment with different flavors, feel free to create your own homemade seasoning using peppercorn, bay leaves, mustard seed, and dill seed.

The Art of Smoking Corned Beef Brisket

  1. Preheat your pellet grill to 275 degrees Fahrenheit.
  2. Open the packaging of the corned beef and drain off any excess liquid, ensuring that you save the included spice packet. Rinse the corned beef gently and pat it dry with a paper towel.
  3. Sprinkle the contents of the spice packet over the brisket, followed by a light dusting of black pepper.
  4. Insert the temperature probe into the corned beef, placing it in the center of the smallest piece for the most accurate reading.
  5. Smoke the corned beef for 3-4 hours, or until it reaches an internal temperature of 175 degrees Fahrenheit. Transfer the briskets to an aluminum pan, add a small amount of beer to cover the bottom, and cover the pan with foil, leaving a corner open for steam to escape.
  6. Continue cooking for an additional 2-3 hours, or until the internal temperature reaches about 205 degrees Fahrenheit. Check the tenderness of the meat using the probe, and once it slides in effortlessly, the corned beef is done.
  7. Let the corned beef rest in the covered pan for approximately 30 minutes before slicing.
  8. Slice the corned beef into ⅛ inch thick slices against the grain of the brisket. Adjust the thickness to your preference, cutting thicker slices for crumbly brisket or thinner slices if it’s slightly tougher.
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Serving Suggestions to Delight Your Taste Buds

While cabbage is the go-to side dish for corned beef, you can elevate your meal by trying our butter-roasted Everything But the Bagel cabbage wedges or indulging in Cauliflower Colcannon for a keto-friendly alternative. For an irresistible flavor combination, we recommend adding a sweet Jameson Mustard Glaze to complement the smoky and salty corned beef.

Tips for a Smokin’ Success

When the smoked corned beef reaches around 170 degrees Fahrenheit, you may encounter a stall in temperature. To overcome this hurdle, place the corned beef in an aluminum pan and pour in about half a beer, allowing the meat to push through the stall and finish cooking. The beer, along with the natural juices from the brisket, will create a mouthwatering au jus to keep the sliced corned beef moist and flavorful.

Unveiling the Magic of Smoked Corned Beef Brisket

There is no definitive time or temperature for smoking corned beef; it’s all about achieving the desired tenderness. Use an instant-read thermometer to check the internal temperature, and when it reaches about 200-205 degrees Fahrenheit, begin testing for tenderness by probing different areas of the brisket. If the meat feels tender and the probe slides in effortlessly, it’s time to remove the corned beef from the smoker. Allow the meat to rest in the covered aluminum pan for at least 30 minutes, slightly venting it to prevent overcooking.

Let the Smoky Journey Continue

Now that you’ve unlocked the secrets of smoked corned beef, why not explore more delectable recipes? Check out our recommendations for Smoked Eye Round with Beef Au Jus, Cedar Plank Smoked Crab Cakes, Texas Style Beef Ribs, Reverse Sear Tri Tip with Smoked Tomato Salsa, and Pellet Grill Texas Brisket. These dishes will undoubtedly further ignite your passion for smoked delicacies.

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Prepare to amaze your taste buds with the unforgettable flavor of smoked corned beef brisket. Embrace the smoky goodness, perfect your slicing technique, and discover a world of culinary delights. Don’t hesitate to grab your wood chips of choice and embark on this mouthwatering adventure. Get ready to savor every succulent bite and create unforgettable memories with family and friends. And remember, for the ultimate smoked corned beef experience, trust the experts at Rowdy Hog Smokin BBQ.