A New Twist on Fairgrounds Favorites: Get Ready for Korean Corn Dogs in Turlock!

A group of childhood friends in Turlock is about to shake things up in the Central Valley food scene. Led by Turlock native and Xhale Ultra Lounge owner Romeo Esho, they are bringing a trendy new treat to town: Korean corn dogs. This innovative take on the traditional fairgrounds favorite has gained popularity worldwide and is set to make its mark in Turlock.

Inspired by their love for food and travel, Esho and his friends became enamored with Korean corn dogs during the early days of the pandemic. Now, after two and a half years of recipe development and menu planning, they are excited to announce the upcoming opening of their Korean corn dog shop, Corn’d. The restaurant will be located on Geer Road, in the same complex as the Community Hospice Thrift Store and Turlock Comics.

The 1,800-square-foot space, once home to a Mexican paleteria, is currently undergoing a transformation to become Stanislaus County’s first dedicated Korean corn dog shop. The team aims to open their doors by late spring or early summer, pending city approval.

When Corn’d opens, customers can expect a tantalizing array of photogenic and delicious treats. Most of the products will be made from scratch, including the batter. The menu will feature a variety of toppings and options, with a focus on freshness. Corn’d plans to offer their own plant-based vegan sausage and gluten-free varieties, as well as locally sourced meat sausages.

What sets Korean corn dogs apart from their American counterparts is their uniqueness. These mutant corn dogs, as Esho playfully describes them, come with extras fried into the batter or stuffed with mozzarella cheese and other fillings. The batter itself also includes a touch of sugar and sweetness, adding an extra layer of flavor. There’s something for everyone, including those looking for healthier snack options on the go, with vegan and gluten-free choices available.

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Corn’d will offer their delectable creations in specialized boxes of four, three, or one corn dog. As an independent restaurant, Esho and his team are personally designing the restaurant’s look to make it inviting and Instagram-friendly.

In addition to Korean corn dogs, Corn’d has plans to collaborate with a local lemonade and beverages seller to provide refreshing drinks that pair perfectly with their savory snacks. The name of the restaurant, Corn’d, may cause some initial confusion, but Esho hopes that the Valley quickly catches on to this exciting new trend.

Don’t miss out on this corn revolution! Keep an eye out for the opening of Corn’d, where you can indulge in mouthwatering Korean corn dogs that will satisfy your cravings like never before. For more information, visit the official Instagram page of Corn’d, where they’ll be sharing all the tantalizing details.

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