Innovation in Corn Vending: The Maize Kraize Revolution

Jason Spiller and Ben Burleson, lifelong buddies hailing from Guin, Alabama, share an unquenchable entrepreneurial spirit. After witnessing the success of an ice vending machine in their hometown, Spiller had a lightbulb moment. He approached Burleson with an ingenious idea: why not create a vending machine for corn? And so, the Maize Kraize was born.

A Self-Service Corn Haven

Tired of the hassle of manually fulfilling corn orders, Spiller and Burleson set out to design a machine that would make corn purchasing convenient for both the buyers and themselves. Their vision was simple: customers could bring their buckets or vehicles, insert money into the Maize Kraize, and drive away with their desired amount of corn—be it for hunting or feeding their farm animals.

Challenges and Triumphs

Although their idea was brilliant, the path to success was not without its hiccups. Shortly after launching the Maize Kraize, they discovered that, in most states, corn sold by weight needed to be determined on scales certified by the National Type Evaluation Program (NTEP). Unfortunately, their machine, along with the few others in the market, lacked this certification. Determined to offer a product that adhered to regulations, Spiller and Burleson redesigned their equipment from scratch.

The Only NTEP-Certified Corn Vending Machine

Their hard work paid off. In October 2018, the Maize Kraize received NTEP certification, making it the sole corn vending machine on the market to boast this esteemed accreditation. Currently, there are three Maize Kraize machines available at service stations in Marion County, with another stationed in Russellville, Franklin County, on a farmer’s private property. While the machines experience a surge in sales during deer season, the one in Russellville thrives year-round.

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A Range of Options

The Maize Kraize offers flexible purchasing options, accommodating both small and large corn orders. Customers can buy as little as 20 pounds or as much as 500 pounds of corn, with the cost determined by the machine’s owner. Furthermore, Spiller and Burleson take pride in their ability to construct and deliver a Maize Kraize within a month of receiving an order.

The Price and Beyond

The NTEP-certified machines are priced at either $29,500 or $39,500, depending on the presence of a bin. However, for states that do not require NTEP certification, a more affordable version is available. Interestingly, the Maize Kraize is not solely limited to corn. As long as the substance can pass through an auger, it can be sold using this innovative machine.

The Backbone of Support

Behind every successful venture stands a strong support system. Spiller and Burleson attribute much of their success to their supportive wives, who have been with them through the ups and downs of their budding business. In addition, they acknowledge the role of faith in their journey, emphasizing the power of prayer along every step of the way.

The Maize Kraize truly epitomizes innovation and convenience in the world of corn vending. With their NTEP certification and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Spiller and Burleson have revolutionized the way corn is bought and sold. To learn more about the Maize Kraize and experience its convenience for yourself, visit Rowdy Hog Smokin BBQ.