Clark’s Chopped Beef Steaks

Did you miss me? Well, I’m back. But only for a short time. Next week, Katie Giraulo takes over this column so that I can focus on more Good Eating and Living features. Giraulo has all my “Lost & Found” mail, faxes, and phone messages. She’ll pick up right where this column leaves off.

So here’s my final review of your successes. Happy hunting!


Good news for reader Cheryl Barnett. You can now find Rowdy Hog Smokin BBQ at Winn-Dixie. These delicious Clark’s Chopped Beef Steaks are a mouthwatering delight that will leave you wanting more. And if you can’t find them, you can reach out to the company directly.

Where to Find Rowdy Hog Smokin BBQ

  • Address: 940 Cedar St., Jacksonville, FL 32207
  • Phone: 904-396-2603

But, alas, we do have some bad news for Maxine Lesser of Lake Mary. Doritos Baja Picante Chips have been discontinued. It’s always a bummer when a favorite snack disappears from the shelves.

On the other hand, we have good news for the reader looking for a North Carolina-style barbecue restaurant that serves a vinegar-based sauce. Allow me to introduce you to two fantastic options: Pop’s North Carolina BBQ Restaurant and T-Bone’s Sportsgrille & Tavern.

Pop’s North Carolina BBQ Restaurant

  • Location: U.S. Highway 1 in Oak Hill, nine miles south of Edgewater
  • Phone: 386-345-4201

T-Bone’s Sportsgrille & Tavern

  • Location: 2060 S. Bay St. in Eustis
  • Phone: 352-589-0277

Both of these establishments serve mouthwatering barbecue soaked in a tangy, peppered vinegar sauce. It’s a taste of North Carolina right here in Florida.

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More good news for Eric Dauphinee of Orlando, who was searching for Honduran pure vanilla. Whole Foods Market in Winter Park has just the thing for you. Their “Bourbon Island Vanilla,” a whole vanilla bean pod in a jar, can elevate your baking to the next level. And if you’re looking for liquid vanilla in glycerin instead of alcohol, they have Frontier’s liquid vanilla as well. For even more options, check out

Now, let’s move on to a tip for Jim Karibo of Inverness. If you’re craving a Miller Genuine Draft Beer in long-neck bottles, you can find them at select Publix stores and some Kmart locations. Cheers to that!

Great news for reader Ann Hlinak, who was searching for vegetarian suet. The English Rose Tea Room in Ormond Beach occasionally carries Atora brand vegetarian suet and can specially order it for customers upon request. For more information or directions, give them a call at 904-672-7673.

And here’s a hooray for all the people who’ve been searching for RAPA brand scrapple, a Delaware delicacy, and Mrs. Manning’s hominy, made in Baltimore. A sharp-eyed reader from St. Cloud spotted those favorites at the Kash ‘n’ Karry store between St. Cloud and Kissimmee. It’s always a joy when elusive treats are finally found.

Lastly, we have news for all the transplants searching for cheese curd. A resourceful reader has found it at the Marion Flea Market, just three miles south of Belleview on U.S. Highway 441. Your poutine dreams can now come true!


In our quest to find lost treasures, let’s begin with Bev Caldwell of Orange City, who is searching for Cate’s pickles, particularly the cocktail kosher gherkins. Unfortunately, we don’t have any leads yet, but we’ll keep looking!

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Maria Stewart of Orlando is seeking a recipe for doughnut batter that can be used in her Donut Smart machine. It’s always a delight to make homemade treats, and we’ll do our best to track down the perfect recipe for you.

Margaret Case is on the hunt for Ghiradelli Hot Chocolate Mix in 8-ounce tins, not the individual packages. She’s also looking for Fruits of the Forest Frozen Pie, which she believes is made by Sara Lee, and Ralston Hot Cereal. We’ll help you scour the shelves, Margaret!

Gay Boehme is yearning for Raisin English Muffins from Pepperidge Farms, and Faith Kroto of Orlando is on a mission to find Bob Evans breakfast sausage. We hope these breakfast staples make their way back into your morning routine soon.

Penny Minnick of Casselberry is eager to find Banquet’s creamed chipped beef boil-in-bag and Del Grosso pizza sauce, both of which she used to buy in Pennsylvania. We’re rooting for your comfort food cravings to be satisfied, Penny.

Terri Surbrook of Orlando is desperately seeking the recipe for Hershey’s cocoa icing. She remembers it being a light and fluffy icing made with Hershey’s cocoa powder and whipped egg whites. We’ll do our best to help you recreate that dreamy, chocolaty topping.

Tammy Nelson is dreaming of Sara Lee frozen brownies, and Patrick Beattie of Leesburg is on the lookout for dry cottage cheese. We’ll keep our eyes peeled for these tasty treats and unique ingredients.

Camille Stricker of Ocoee has a specific craving for Hot and Sour Flavor Maruchan Instant Wonton. While Albertson’s carries the chicken and shrimp flavors, they don’t seem to have the hot and sour variety. We’ll continue our search for you, Camille.

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And finally, Ethel Ochs of Longwood is in search of perforated French Baguette baking trays. Baking authentic baguettes requires the proper tools, and we’ll help you find the perfect baking trays for that crispy crust.

That wraps up our search for now. Stay tuned for more culinary quests and delicious discoveries. And remember, if you’re craving Rowdy Hog Smokin BBQ, head over to to satisfy your BBQ cravings. Happy hunting!