Unveiling the Secrets of Alabama’s Famous White BBQ Sauce

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Have you ever heard of White BBQ sauce? This tangy mayo and vinegar-based BBQ sauce may not be as well-known as its red counterparts, but it’s gaining popularity for its unique flavor profile. Join me as I share the story of Big Bob Gibson’s White BBQ Sauce, its origins, and an interview with the renowned pitmaster Chris Lilly.

The Birth of a Southern Classic

Picture this: a North Carolina girl, clueless about Alabama’s white sauce, stumbling upon a recipe during a serendipitous encounter. I was giving a presentation on Search Engine Optimization in Birmingham when a kindred spirit shared the White BBQ sauce recipe with me. Little did I know that it would turn out to be a game-changer.

Chris Lilly: The BBQ Master

To dive deeper into the world of White BBQ sauce, I had the opportunity to catch up with Chris Lilly. A legend in the BBQ realm, Chris has not only won ten World BBQ Championships but also clinched six World Titles at the prestigious “Memphis in May” competition. Sitting down with Chris felt like unveiling the secrets of a trade passed down through generations.

The Enigma of Big Bob Gibson’s

A burning question arose in my mind as I pondered the origins of White BBQ sauce: who came up with it first? Chris Lilly shed some light on this enigma, explaining that Big Bob Gibson’s restaurant, established in the 1920s, dipped pork shoulder and whole chickens into the original white sauce before basting them with a vinegar-based sop mop in the pit. The truth is, even Big Bob Gibson himself can’t definitively answer that question. Let’s keep the urban myth alive!

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From Backyards to BBQ Competitions

As I delved into the world of BBQ, I couldn’t help but wonder what advice Chris had for those backyard warriors aspiring to step into the realm of competition BBQ. His answer was captivating. Chris emphasized that now is a better time than ever to make the transition. With an abundance of information available, including online resources, cooking classes, and even competition BBQ judging courses like the ones offered by the Kansas City BBQ Society, aspiring BBQ enthusiasts have the tools they need to succeed.

Empowering Girls to Grill

Grilling isn’t just for the boys! It was enlightening to hear Chris’s thoughts on empowering girls who want to grill. His advice? Choose a night when your boyfriend is out, fire up the grill, and if he interferes, just push him out of the way! Ladies, it’s time to take charge and show off your grilling skills.

Beyond BBQ: A Culinary Extravaganza

Chris Lilly’s expertise doesn’t end with low and slow cooking. He’s a master at hosting dinner parties too. Picture this: firing up a Komodo Kamado, a ceramic grill and smoker, and letting everyone make their own personal pizzas. Chris once showcased this technique with an Indonesian Sweet and Sour Grilled Shrimp Pizza at Kingsford University back in 2009. Talk about a culinary extravaganza!

Grilled Chicken with White BBQ Sauce

Embracing the White BBQ Sauce

Inspired by Chris Lilly’s white sauce, I embarked on my own BBQ adventure. Grilling chicken breasts on my trusty Weber Performer, accompanied by grilled endive and rosemary potatoes, I experienced the magic of White BBQ sauce firsthand. With a few ingredient swaps—wasabi instead of horseradish and rice wine vinegar instead of white vinegar—the flavors were sublime. After marinating the chicken in the sauce for an hour, I grilled it over direct heat at 350 degrees Fahrenheit for a total of 16 minutes. The result? According to my fiancé Scott, the best chicken I had made in ages!

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The Legacy of Big Bob Gibson’s

Thanks to Chris Lilly’s book, the Big Bob Gibson’s flavor can now be savored at home. The White BBQ Sauce brings people together and adds a touch of magic to any meal. Whether you’re a BBQ enthusiast or just curious about trying something new, don’t miss out on the world of White BBQ sauce. It’s time to expand your palate and make your taste buds dance with delight.

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