WingOut Chicago 2022: A Chicken Wing Block Party Like No Other

Are you a chicken wing enthusiast looking for the ultimate culinary experience? Look no further than WingOut Chicago! This outdoor extravaganza is not your ordinary wing festival. It’s a block party that brings together the top wing vendors in the city, offering all-you-can-eat wings in a vibrant and energetic setting. Get ready to indulge in a variety of flavors that will leave your taste buds dancing with joy!

A Flavorful Feast

Held in the St. Michael’s in Old Town parking lot, WingOut Chicago is a celebration of all things wings. From classic flavors like Smoked BBQ and Garlic Buffalo to more adventurous options like Honey Habanero and Caribbean Jerk, there’s something to satisfy every palate. Picture a mouthwatering array of over 20 wing varieties, each carefully crafted by expert vendors, just waiting for you to dive in.


More Than Just Wings

But WingOut Chicago is about more than just wings. This year, the festival is amping up the excitement with additional food vendors offering a variety of delicious entrees and options. The festival footprint has also been expanded to provide more party space and seating, ensuring everyone can kick back and enjoy the lively atmosphere. And speaking of atmosphere, get ready for enhanced production and more live music performances to keep the party going all day long.

Hot Ones Makes a Return

Festival-goers are in for a treat as the Emmy-nominated host of Hot Ones, Sean Evans, returns to WingOut Chicago. Known for his fiery interview show featuring celebrity guests and even hotter wings, Sean will be hosting and anchoring the celebrity judges panel on Sunday. Prepare to be entertained and inspired as the wings heat up and the questions get spicy!

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Ticket Options

With all this excitement, you’re probably wondering how to get in on the action. WingOut Chicago offers two ticket options to suit your preferences:

  • VIP – Unlimited Wings and Drink Package ($79): This ticket grants you early entry and festival exclusivity, allowing you to enjoy unlimited wing sampling and a sponsored drink package from noon to 2pm. For the wing enthusiasts out there, securing a VIP ticket is strongly suggested. Don’t miss out on this wing-lover’s paradise!

  • GA – Access to Wings and Single Drink Package ($14): This ticket ensures guaranteed entry to the festival food court from 2pm to 8pm. You’ll receive one sponsored drink ticket, and then you can indulge in the mouthwatering wings and other culinary delights available for purchase on-site.

Please note that all guests wishing to sample or purchase food items must buy a ticketed package of some kind to enter the “food court” in the St. Michael parking lot. Festival gates will charge a $10 fee for entry.

So mark your calendars for WingOut Chicago on October 1st and 2nd, and get ready for a wing-centric celebration like no other. Join us in experiencing the flavors, the music, and the vibrant atmosphere that make WingOut Chicago the ultimate chicken wing block party. Don’t miss out on this fantastic event brought to you by Rowdy Hog Smokin BBQ!

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