Garden Betty’s Chicken Feed Calculator: Determining Your Protein Content

If you’re venturing into the world of homemade chicken feed, you may have wondered how to calculate the protein content of your recipe. Whether you’re looking to mix things up with different grains and seeds or formulate a higher-protein feed for specific chicken needs, we’ve got you covered!

At Rowdy Hog Smokin BBQ, we understand that managing costs and calculating nutritional values are essential for any dedicated chicken owner. That’s why we’ve developed Garden Betty’s Chicken Feed Calculator. This handy spreadsheet allows you to determine the protein content of your custom recipe and make adjustments as needed.

Baby chicks love homemade whole-grain chicken feed

Easily Customize Your Recipe

Our chicken feed calculator is available as an Excel (.xlsx) download, ensuring convenience and ease of use. Simply save the spreadsheet to your computer, and you’re ready to create a custom recipe tailored to your flock’s needs.

The calculator includes a comprehensive list of common grains, seeds, legumes, and other ingredients typically used in poultry feed. Each ingredient’s crude protein content and crude fat content are provided, allowing you to accurately determine the nutritional composition of your feed.

Accurate Measurements for Quality Feed

To ensure precision, it is recommended to use weight measurements for whole grains. Investing in a reliable kitchen scale, like the one we recommend, will enable you to accurately measure ingredients and achieve optimal results.

The calculator automatically updates the total protein content as you enter the quantity and weight of each ingredient, allowing you to formulate your feed on the fly. It also includes a column to calculate the cost of your ingredients, helping you determine the cost-effectiveness of specific components.

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Homemade whole-grain chicken feed can be fed to free-range hens

Consider Your Chickens’ Needs

The ideal amount of protein required for your chickens depends on their age. While the recommended ranges provided in the calculator are suitable for daily feeding, keep in mind that free-ranging chickens may consume additional greens, weeds, seeds, bugs, and treats throughout the day.

It’s important to note that while protein content is essential, providing a diverse diet for your chickens is equally important. Don’t fret too much over precise percentages when you’re offering a variety of foods.

Comprehensive and Cost-Effective

Our chicken feed calculator not only helps you determine the protein content of your recipe but also calculates the cost of your ingredients. By inputting the price per pound, the calculator provides the total cost of your feed, enabling you to make informed decisions about purchasing ingredients.

To ensure your flock’s nutritional needs are met, it’s recommended to supplement their diet with a wide variety of grains, seeds, legumes, greens, and kitchen scraps. This will help round out their feed and provide essential amino acids, vitamins, and minerals.

Make homemade chicken feed easily with a spreadsheet

Reliable Information for Customization

The protein and fat content stated for each ingredient in the calculator are based on reliable sources, including ingredient labels and cooperative extension sites. However, please note that values may vary slightly between producers due to different varieties and growing conditions.

For the most accurate calculations, use the nutrition information provided on your own ingredient packaging, or consult the feed mill from where you source your ingredients. If you’re unsure of the nutritional values of new ingredients, Self’s Nutrition Data is a reliable resource to check.

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Simply enter the name of the ingredient in the search box, select the appropriate result, change the serving size to 100 grams, and note the figures for “Total Fat” and “Protein.” For example, if the listing shows 1g of fat and 15g of protein, the ingredient has 1 percent fat and 15 percent protein.

Get Started with Garden Betty’s Chicken Feed Calculator

Are you ready to take control of your flock’s nutrition and create customized chicken feed recipes? Download Garden Betty’s Chicken Feed Calculator today. Rest assured that we value your privacy, and your email will never be given or sold to third parties.

Happy mixing!