Protecting Your Chickens: The Role of Wire Mesh Flooring

Wire Mesh Flooring

Imagine a peaceful spring day with your fabulous flock of clucky chooks happily pecking and mingling in their roomy run. Unbeknownst to them, danger lurks nearby. Predators like snakes, foxes, and stray dogs and cats are always on the prowl, seeking a midnight snack. But fear not, because with the right precautions, you can ensure the safety and well-being of your beloved chickens.

One of the most effective measures you can take is to equip your chicken coop and run areas with wire mesh flooring. This versatile solution not only keeps out unwanted predators but also allows your chickens to enjoy their natural behaviors, like pecking at juicy wiggly worms, without any harm. Let’s explore how wire mesh flooring can protect and benefit your flock.

Keeping Predators at Bay

Wire Mesh Protection

Nocturnal nuisances such as foxes, quolls, dogs, and cats can pose a significant threat to your chickens. They will go to great lengths, including digging, to gain access to your coop. By rolling out a heavy gauge wire mesh underneath your coop and run area, with an extension of about 200mm on all sides, you provide your charming chooks with added protection.

While foxes may struggle to climb, quolls are excellent climbers. If quolls are an issue in your area, you can add a hardware cloth, perspex, or a sheet of timber to the top of your chickens’ run, preventing quolls from scampering about and attempting to get in. Additionally, a solid roof over the run not only offers shade and protection from the elements but also acts as a barrier against climbing creatures up to no good.

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Safe Interactions for Children

Safe Interactions

Chickens have a unique charm that captivates children, and visiting the chicken coop becomes a delightful experience for kids and the chickens alike. Parents and guardians can rest easy knowing that wire mesh flooring keeps both the two-legged little ones and their feathered friends safe from sly snakes that may pop up inside the run.

Dust Bathing: A Necessary Luxury

Dust Bathing

Your sweet chooks still need a dust bathing area, even with wire mesh flooring in place. By simply placing a cat litter pan or a tire filled with sand or dirt inside the run, you provide them with a designated dust bath. Remember to keep it clean to ensure your chooks stay clean too!


Will wire mesh flooring hurt my chickens’ feet?

Not at all! Wire mesh flooring is designed to protect your flock without causing any harm to their feet. It allows them to engage in natural behaviors like pecking and scratching while ensuring their safety.

How can I ensure the wire mesh flooring is predator-proof?

To make the wire mesh flooring predator-proof, use a heavy gauge wire mesh, such as the 20mm x 20mm welded galvanized wire mesh offered by Backyard Chicken Coops. By cutting the flooring longer and wider than your coop’s run area, you can ensure that even the most persistent predators won’t find a way in.


Wire mesh flooring is an egg-cellent idea for keeping your chickens safe and secure. With its protective properties and the ability to allow natural behaviors, it offers convenience and peace of mind for poultry enthusiasts. To find high-quality chicken coops and wire mesh flooring options, explore the range offered by Rowdy Hog Smokin BBQ. Put the safety and well-being of your flock first, and enjoy the rewards of happy and stress-free chickens.

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