The Benefits of Dropping Boards for Your Chicken Coop

Keeping chickens involves more than just capturing the perfect Instagram moment. A key aspect of ensuring the health and happiness of your flock is maintaining a clean coop. While chickens help spread their droppings during the day, the night can lead to a buildup of manure in their sleeping area. This concentrated accumulation can create a smelly and potentially unhealthy environment for your chickens. That’s where dropping boards come in.

What Are Dropping Boards?

Dropping boards are simple shelves placed underneath the roosts in a chicken coop to collect droppings during the night. By cleaning them regularly, you can limit the amount of manure in the coop and minimize potential health risks for your flock. Additionally, using dropping boards reduces the need for frequent shavings replacements, saving you time and money.

The design and material of dropping boards can vary. Some chicken keepers create a “poop hammock” using a plastic tarp, while others construct shelves with lips that can be filled with various litter materials such as sand, pine shavings, or products like sweet pdz horse stall or coop refresher.

Installing Dropping Boards: Lessons Learned

When installing dropping boards in our coop, we initially opted for a traditional board setup. However, we soon discovered that the moist droppings didn’t roll down as expected, causing more smearing than effective cleaning. Moreover, our choice of using a push broom to scrape the droppings off the board turned out to be a messy and ineffective solution.

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Taking a Second Shot at Dropping Boards

Realizing the need for a more practical and easier-to-clean solution, we visited our local home store and purchased a large sheet of flooring vinyl. Despite the challenge of reaching the back wall, we managed to attach the vinyl to the wall and wooden dropping boards using screws and large washers.

To facilitate the cleaning process, we acquired a long-handled squeegee, which proved to be a game-changer. The droppings no longer stuck to the vinyl, and with a few minutes of scraping each day, we could easily guide them towards the collection lip and into a bucket. The vinyl surface was also simple to clean using a hose, a squeegee, and a little dish detergent.

The Results Speak for Themselves

By incorporating dropping boards into our coop maintenance routine, we have significantly reduced the amount of manure in our coop. This simple addition, requiring only a minute or two each day for regular cleaning and about 10 minutes a month for a thorough wash, has made a noticeable difference. Not only does our coop stay cleaner, but our flock also benefits from a healthier environment.

If you have the space in your coop, we highly recommend installing dropping boards. They are an effective solution for managing manure, reducing odors, and improving the overall cleanliness and well-being of your chickens.

Dropping Board for your Chicken Coop

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