Campo Grande Review: Bringing the Taste of Spain to Your Doorstep

Campo Grande

Let’s face it: one of the greatest joys of traveling is experiencing the local cuisine. This is especially true in culturally-rich destinations like Spain, where the flavors and ingredients are unique and distinct. But what if you can’t hop on a plane and indulge in the authentic dishes? That’s where Campo Grande comes in.

Campo Grande is a meat delivery service that brings the taste of Europe to your home. Founded by Kurt Oriol, who grew up in Madrid surrounded by the finest foods of the region, Campo Grande is on a mission to make traditional Spanish cuisine accessible to everyone. They source premium proteins, like Ibérico pork, Vaca Vieja beef, and sustainable, wild-caught seafood, from humane Spanish producers and deliver them right to your doorstep.

The Campo Grande Experience

When you browse through the Campo Grande website, you’ll find a curated selection of products, such as the Spanish Fish Box and the Ultimate Ibérico Box. Alternatively, you can build your own custom box, choosing from a variety of standard or large sizes and individual products or bundles. All the products, except for the charcuterie, are shipped frozen and vacuum-sealed, ensuring freshness and convenience. They can be safely stored in the freezer for up to a year and easily thawed in the fridge when you’re ready to cook.

And if you’re new to these cuts of meat or types of seafood, don’t worry—Campo Grande has got you covered. Their website offers a plethora of recipes to inspire you and guide you through the cooking process.

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Our Campo Grande Experience

We decided to embark on our own Campo Grande adventure by building a custom box. We included a succulent Ibérico loin roast, a tantalizing Ibérico 4-rib rack, a mouthwatering Vaca Vieja chuletón, some delightful Merluza, and a flavorful Bacalao. To top it off, we also ordered the Charcuterie Sampler Bundle, which included Ibérico chorizo, salchichón, and coppa varieties.

We followed Campo Grande’s website recipes for the loin roast and 4-rib rack, putting them to the test to see how well they guided us through cooking these unique cuts of pork. As for the beef chop and the fish, we cooked them using our tried-and-true methods, comparing the quality of the Campo Grande products to our usual grocery store finds.

And of course, we couldn’t resist sampling the charcuterie. Let’s just say it was a deliciously challenging task!

The Highlights of Campo Grande

Exquisite Taste and Quality

It goes without saying that the products from Campo Grande are extraordinary. The cuts of meat, the fish, and the charcuterie are unlike anything you’ll find at your typical grocery store. During our taste test, we found the Ibérico loin roast to be incredibly juicy, the hake fish to be flaky and tender, and the pork ribs to practically melt in our mouths. The Spanish charcuterie trio—chorizo, salchichón, and coppa—was a delight of fragrant flavors and buttery textures. With the exception of the bacalao, which was slightly salty and dark in color due to our oversight in pre-soaking, everything we sampled was absolutely delightful.

Sustainably Sourced Meat and Seafood

Sustainability is a key consideration for health-conscious and eco-conscious consumers, and Campo Grande delivers on this front. All the Ibérico pork products come from free-range Iberian pigs raised on family-owned farms in southern Spain. These pigs are fed a vegetarian diet of nuts and grasses, resulting in exquisite marbling and flavor. They are raised without antibiotics, hormones, or restrictive crates. The beef cuts come from grass-fed, pasture-raised Vaca Vieja cows that graze on a Certified Humane cooperative in Tasmania, Australia. These European breeds are wet-aged to enhance their bold flavors. Campo Grande’s seafood is also sustainably sourced from Spanish vessels, ensuring freshness and minimizing harm to the ocean’s ecosystem.

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Areas for Improvement

Charcuterie Packaging

While the charcuterie from Campo Grande comes in vacuum-sealed containers, making storage and freshness a breeze, we did encounter some difficulties when it came to serving. The slices of salchichón and chorizo were extremely thin, making it challenging to separate them without tearing. However, this did not diminish the delicious flavors of the meats. Our tip is to let the charcuterie come to room temperature before serving to make separating the slices easier.

Recipe Accessibility

While Campo Grande provides recipes on their website, we found the recipe browsing experience to be slightly cumbersome. There is currently no way to filter the recipes according to different cuts of meat, which can make it difficult to find what you’re looking for. Using the search function can lead to mixed results, including blog posts, which may not always be relevant. However, Campo Grande is working on a filtering functionality that should be available soon. We also noticed that some of the recipes lacked precise measurements and required conversions from the metric system. Despite these challenges, the meals turned out delicious, with the flavors on point and the meat perfectly cooked.

Limited Selection

If you’re seeking a wide variety of meats and seafood, Campo Grande may not be the one-stop-shop you’re looking for. Their specialization lies in Spanish Ibérico pork, with only a few options for beef and seafood. While all the Ibérico pork products we tried were exceptional, the bacalao did not meet our expectations. The only Vaca Vieja product we tried, the thick-cut chuletón steak, was slightly tougher than anticipated. Campo Grande’s offerings cater more towards special occasions and those who appreciate high-quality Spanish proteins.

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Conclusion: Order from Campo Grande

In conclusion, if you value the unmatched quality and taste of Spanish proteins, Campo Grande is the answer to your culinary dreams. This meat delivery service allows you to savor the flavors of Spain from the comfort of your own home. With their user-friendly website and thoughtfully packaged goods, Campo Grande makes it easy to bring a slice of Spain to your dinner table. While they may not offer the extensive selection of some other meat delivery services, their focus on delivering top-notch Spanish proteins sets them apart. So go ahead, indulge your taste buds and impress your guests with Campo Grande.

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