The Magic of Peach Butchers Paper for BBQ

Discover the Game-Changing Secret to Perfectly Wrapped Meats

BBQ enthusiasts are renowned for their obsession with meat quality, smoke flavor, and temperature gadgets. But what if I told you that the hottest BBQ tool right now isn’t a fancy thermometer or a high-end smoker, but a roll of peach or pink butchers paper? Yes, you heard it right! This seemingly ordinary roll of paper has taken the barbecue world by storm, with orders pouring in from all corners of the globe, even with exorbitant shipping fees and overweight luggage charges. So, what’s the deal with this magical wrap, and why are people going to such lengths to get their hands on it?

The Rise of Peach Paper in the BBQ World

It all started with Aaron Franklin, the legendary brisket guru and James Beard award winner. Franklin wraps his cooked briskets in paper to hold them during service, a technique he learned from his mentor, John Mueller, who in turn learned it from his father, Bobby, of Louie Mueller Barbecue fame. Aaron’s restaurant not only became famous for its mouthwatering meat but also for the unbelievably long lines of eager customers. It was when he switched from regular white paper to the eye-catching pink or peach-colored paper that the worldwide frenzy for “peach paper” began. But what exactly is it, and why should you use it?

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Unraveling the Mystery of Peach Butchers Paper

Let’s clear up a common misconception: “peach paper” is the popular term for the pink-hued paper used in barbecue joints. However, within the paper industry, true “peach paper” actually refers to a variety of steak paper. So technically, what pitmasters use is pink butchers paper. Contrary to what you might think, neither peach nor pink paper contains any essence of peaches. The pink color simply indicates a natural base, while white butchers paper is bleached.

The Art of Wrapping Meats in Barbecue

Pitmasters wrap meats towards the end of the cooking process to protect them from drying out and losing moisture as they rest at a lower temperature during service. It can also be used if the cooking time is faster than expected, to prevent further darkening of the exterior crust, known as the bark.

Peach Butcher Paper vs. Foil: The Ultimate Showdown

While wrapping meats in foil is commonly referred to as the “Texas crutch,” it is more frequently used for pork ribs rather than beef barbecue. Foil, being non-porous, prevents smoke penetration, halting the smoking process. However, it reflects heat back onto the meat and retains more heat due to its conductivity. The biggest downside of foil is that it traps steam, causing condensation that wets the meat’s surface, ruining the coveted bark. Paper, on the other hand, allows steam to escape while protecting the contents from excessive smoke exposure. It doesn’t retain or reflect heat like foil, eliminating the need for extended cooking times.

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Butchers Paper vs. Steak Paper: What’s the Difference?

Although both butchers paper and steak paper undergo a process called “sizing” to enhance wet strength, they serve different purposes. Butchers paper is more porous and designed for same-day use, as it is usually discarded after carrying the meat home. Steak paper, on the other hand, is denser and more robust, perfect for retail display to prevent air from discoloring the meat. The manufacturing process of steak paper involves using more hardwood fibers, resulting in a rigid product.

Alan NeSmith, the President of Oren International, a renowned producer of food service papers, reveals that Aaron Franklin uses their pink butchers paper. The skyrocketing demand prompted them to adjust their wholesale minimums, allowing individual consumers to purchase the product directly.

When selecting paper for your BBQ needs, always opt for a food-grade product approved by the FDA. Beware of using kraft or cheaper paper without knowing its composition and potential risks. For instance, freezer paper, though food-grade, contains a layer of polyethylene plastic that can melt under high temperatures.

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Remember, paper may seem ordinary, but its transformative powers can turn your BBQ into an extraordinary culinary experience. Embrace the tradition, unleash your creativity, and let the peach paper revolutionize your barbecue journey. Happy smoking!